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Troops overrun LTTE's 'VIETNAM base

During yesterday's military advance into non-liberated territory ahead of Wanni defences, security forces overran what was identified to be LTTE's 'VIETNAM Base' located at general area Periyapunichankulama, security sources said.Security forces met with minimum resistance during the advance as demoralized terrorists were on the flight with acute shortage of will and man power, defence sources said.

The LTTE strategic base stretching approximately 400m and 300m in breath consists with 18 to 20 overhead bunkers, ground sources said. Eight to ten cadjan roofed huts and a kitchen were inside the terrorist camp. Troops also located a 150m long tunnel (2 m width and 2 m height) forming a clandestine exit route from the camp."Few chairs were also found inside a building and the word "VIETNAM" was written on them", military reported citing field sources.

7:23 AM

Security News

  • 03 LTTE terrorists killed: 02 bunkers destroyed in skirmishes

Sri Lankan security forces launched an attack yesterday (22) at identified LTTE positions ahead of Kilali forward defences in Jaffna, killing two terrorists, security sources said.In the attack resumed at 5.45p.m, two LTTE bunkers under construction were also destroyed the sources added.Meanwhile, according to troops manning defences at Kokkuthuduvai in Welioya, a terrorist was killed while attempting to breach the FDLs at around 5.30p.m.

No damages were caused to own troops during the confrontations, security sources said.Also during a search and clearing operations conducted yesterday at general areas Periyathampanai South and Umayarattuvarankulam Vavuniya troops defused 101 anti-personnel (AP) mines, military sources report.

  • LTTE gunmen shot dead Police Sergeant in Mannar

A Police sergeant was shot dead by alleged LTTE gunmen at the Mannar main bus stand, yesterday (December 22) at 7.30 p.m.According to Mannar Police sources, the Police Sergeant on duty has moved forward from the police post to inquire two individuals with suspicious behaviour. While, their whereabouts were been noted a suspect has reached for a hidden pistol and shot at the sergeant and fled the scene instantly.

Sergeant Udayananda received headshot injuries and succumbed in moments, Mannar Police sources said. Sergeant Sirisenage Udayanada, 44, averted a major catastrophe in a densely populated area in his gallant effort while performing duties, defence sources noted.

Defence sources believe that, LTTE terrorists imminent of their eviction from Mannar and Wanni battle theatre is attempting to cause calamity targeting innocent civilians, committing security forces to neutralize its advances.

  • 04 LTTE bunkers destroyed, 08 terrorists killed- Jaffna

Troops engaged heavy mortar and artillery barrages ahead of Nagarkovil defences this morning (December 23) destroying 04 LTTE bunkers and killing at least 08 terrorists, Jaffna military sources report.The strikes were initiated as a pre-emptive measure on receiving 'intel' information of an LTTE offensive advance towards the Army defences, around 5.15 a.m. security sources said.According to ground troops, no damages were caused to own troops.