2:31 PM

SLAF raids LTTE 'runway'

SLAF fighter jets made two air sorties today (March 31) at 9.45a.m., and 10.30a.m, respectively at an LTTE 'runway' located 10km West of Mullaittivu town.According to Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Andrew Wijesooriya, pilots confirmed to have taken the target successfully.

10:18 AM

Suspect dies in police cell

A suspect who was kept at the Mount Lavinia police cell has committed suicide by taking poison last night. He has died on admission to Kalubowila hospital.

3:20 PM

Sea Tiger base bombed

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets launched an air attack at LTTE Sea tiger base located in Mullaithivu district this afternoon, March 30.The targeted sea tiger base was located at Chilawaththa in Alampil and air sorties carried out around 12.40 p.m. today, Air Force sources said.The pilots confirmed that target was hit accurately.

7:17 PM

Monaragala Pradeshiya Saba Chairman Was Shot

Monaragala Pradeshiya Saba (PS) deputy chairman Muthulingam was shot dead a short while ago. Police say unknown gunmen traveling in a white van carried out the crime at his residence in Monaragala.

2:39 PM

No move against Sri Lanka

he four-week-long Seventh Session of the UN Human Rights Council which concluded yesterday (March 28) in Geneva took action on more than 35 resolutions and decisions on the promotion and protection of human rights and Sri Lanka was not on its agenda once again.

There was no action taken by the Council on the country's human rights situation in any of the three standard forms, namely a resolution, a special session or a statement by the President of the Council.

1:44 PM

LTTE suspects arrested in Tamil Nadu

The Tamil Nadu Police reportedly have arrested 3 LTTE suspects alleged of smuggling for the LTTE an internationally banned terror outfit on Friday(March 28) Indian media was quoted.

The LTTE suspects were been detained under the National Security Act(NSA) while 4 others were reported arrested under the same act for smuggling activities for the Maoist movement.The LTTE suspects were identified as Murudapandi, Muthuramalingam and R. Raja now in detention at Puzhal and Madurai Central prisons in Tamil Nadu.

1:43 PM

Two LTTE Bunkers Destroyed

Troops in a pre dawn attack have destroyed two fortified bunkers manned by LTTE terrorists this morning (March 29). According to the defence sources at Mannar battlefront, Sri Lanka army infantrymen have launched the surprise attack around 4.a.m at the LTTE bunker defence located in Elanthivan area, South of Admapan.

Ground troops have confirmed that 10 LTTE cadres were killed in this incident. Also, a 700m stretch of land has been dominated, sources further said. The soldiers are consolidating their positions, the sources added.

1:04 AM

Un Worker fined for drug offence

A UNICEF consultant Ms Lisa Woods was fined Rs.8000 by a Colombo Court for being in possession of 80mg of heroin. A senior Government officials said Ms Woods, a US passport holder,had arrived in Colombo on March 5.
Police said they responded to an emergency call after the UNICEF Office in Colombo had contacted the Renuka Hotel, where she was lodging when Ms Woods failed to report to work on 12 March on the request of the UNICEF. The hotel management had opened room which had a ‘Don’t disturb’ sign on the door.
They had found her unconscious. The door had been op end in the presence of a foreign colleague of Ms Woods,he said She had been admitted to the intensive care unit where a routine check of her clothes by the hospital staff had resulted in the recovery of 80mg of heroin. It had been in one of the pockets of her denims,police said. Police arrested her on march 17 and produced her before a Magistrate who ordered her remanded till March 25. When she was produced before the magistrate on March 25, a fine of Rs 800 was imposed on her on the charge of being in possession 80mg of heroin

9:57 PM

LTTE suffer heavy damages

According to the military report reached from the forefront, 28 LTTE terrorists were killed and another 17 were either killed or wounded in clashed sparked in Northern and Wanni defences yesterday, March 26. Further it says, 22 more terrorists were wounded during these clashes. Six security forces personnel have made their supreme sacrifice while another 19 suffered injuries, the report further stated.

On the Jaffna theatre of battle, three LTTE cadres were killed in clashes occurred Muhamalai front. Meanwhile, one soldier was killed and two others suffered injuries in clashes in the same front.

On Wanni theatre of battle, in Vavuniya front, incidents are reported from Madu, Sulanamaruthamadu and Koilmoddai areas yesterday. Two LTTE cadres were killed in a confrontation took place in general area Madu while four others suffered injuries when the troops ambushed an LTTE movement in same area, the report said. Four army personnel were killed while seven others reported injured during confrontations took place in Sulanamaruthamadu and Koilmoddai areas.

In Mannar front, Sri Lanka Air Force MI-24 gun ships launched an air raid targeting LTTE strongholds in general area Alankulam and by intercepting LTTE communication channel, it is revealed that 7 terrorists were killed while 18 others suffered severe injuries due to this attack. Meanwhile, five more terrorists were killed in separate confrontations took place in Kaddupulam and Sirikulam areas, troops confirmed.

One soldier received injuries due to an explosion of anti-personnel mine in general area Adampan. Meanwhile, five people including one army soldier, two STF personnel and two civil workers injured due to indiscriminate mortar fire launched by the LTTE in general area Giant's Tank, sources said.

9:53 PM

LTTE inhumanely assault Sri Lankan Film Director

Sri Lankan film director Thushara Perera was inhumanly assaulted at Gemini Colour Laboratory, in Chennai yesterday by a violent mob lead by LTTE supporters. Thushara, a young film director who had gone to India to complete the Tamil version of his maiden film "Prbhakaran" suffered serious injuries including cut wounds on his back as the mob laid hands on him as he was coming out of the laboratory.

Thushara told media that he had run to save his life while the mobsters chased him and assaulted him until he got unconscious for about 45 minutes. Indian Police had rescued him and rushed him to immediate medical attention. Thushara is now undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Colombo

The young film director came under the wrath of LTTE, a banned terrorist outfit in India as his maiden film "Prabhakaran" is based on a story of a Child soldier who was brain washed into suicide bomber by the outfit. As child soldiers and brain washed suicide bombers are commonly identified with LTTE terrorists, the film has been considered as a huge threat by the LTTE propagandists.

According to Thushara, there have been massive and misleading propaganda claiming that the film was anti Tamil, by certain Indian media. However, the film maker claimed that the film is not anti Tamil or even not against terrorism, to LTTE to get annoyed.

10:10 AM

Air Force Destroy LTTE Training Facility

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets successfully carried out two bombing missions targeting two well identified camps of LTTE terrorists located in Wanni region this morning (March 27). According to the defence sources the targets were a training facility and a Radar location both located in Kilinochchi district.

Air Force Spokesman Wing Commander Andrew Wijesooriya speaking to defence.lk said that the first mission was launched around 6.25.a.m. targeting a training facility located inside a jungle patch at Kalmadukulam, in North-East of Iranamadhu.

According to the defence intelligence, the terrorists have also used the location as a marshalling point for the conscripts. The target was achieved based on the information received on recent developments of this terror location from the reliable sources in Wanni region. Further, the target had been well identified through continuous air surveillances conducted by the SLAF, sources further added.

10:49 AM

Claymore attack on STF foot patrol

A claymore mine was blasted targeting an STF foot patrol in Batticaloa at 9 a.m this morning. One STF personnel killed and three others injured.

5:49 AM

Lankan HR Action Plan

Sri Lanka has formulated a National Action Plan on human rights to be presented to the Office of the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR) on Today (25).

The OHCHR is scheduled to publish the Action Plan on its website to enable a healthy interaction on the Sri Lanka country report.

The Action Plan, formulated under the auspices of the Human Rights and Disaster Management Ministry, will be discussed at a three-hour interactive session, which is called a ‘Peer Group Review,’ at the UN Human Rights Council.

The discussion will take place on May 13. The Sri Lankan delegation will be led by Human Rights and Disaster Management Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe. Attorney General C.R. De Silva, Peace Secretariat Secretary General Rajiva Wijesinha, Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the UN Office in Geneva Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleke, Justice Ministry Secretary Suhada Gamalath and Defence Ministry Legal Advisor Mohan Peiris will be the other members of the delegation.

Highly placed government sources said that according to rules of procedure, every country is subjected to a peer group review under the Universal Periodic Review, which Sri Lanka has to submit six weeks prior to the actual interaction.

12:39 AM

Tamil civilians seek protection with security forces- Mannar

A Tamil family of five including an infant sought protection with security forces at the Naval detachment in Pallemunai, Mannar last morning (March 23).

Three males and one female were among the four adults reached to the government-controlled area seeking protection for their lives. These civilians reached the safe waters of Pallemunai on a 'Wallam' despite the rough sea condition and heavy rain, defence sources said.

6:38 PM

Five terrorists killed in clashes - Mannar front

Troops engaged on Wanni liberating operation advancing further inflicting heavy damages to the terrorist in the Mannar front.

Five LTTE terrorists were killed in a confrontation took place in general area Paravapkulam in Mannar front last morning, March 23, defence sources in Mannar said.

Meanwhile, troops on search operation uncovered LTTE booby trap and four anti-personnel mines from the general area Nedunkandal around 2.30 p.m, sources further said.

1:37 PM

11 terrorists killed in clashes - Vavuniya front

Media Centre for National Security said that eleven LTTE terrorists were killed during the confrontations erupted in Vavuniya front yesterday, March 23.

Ten LTTE terrorists were killed in two separate clashes occurred in general area Kallikulam around 3.30p.m and 5.45 p.m. yesterday. Another LTTE terrorist was reported killed in a confrontation took place in general area Navathkulam around 1.05 p.m yesterday.

Meanwhile, three army soldiers sustained injuries due to anti-personnel mine explosions took place in Kokilmoddai, Periyathampane and Ramanathankulam areas yesterday.

6:55 AM

Wanni Liberation in progres

Compiled military reports received from the battlefronts in the North indicate terrorists numbering 52 were killed and at least 42 injured during yesterday's (Mar 22) military offensives aimed at liberating the Wanni region.

On the Jaffna Defence, snipers deployed in the Muhamalai and Nagarkovil frontlines claimed 4 terrorist were killed. Meanwhile, ground troops attacked a terrorist bunker line in Nagarkovil and claimed that 3 terrorists were killed. One soldier was killed and 2 others suffered injuries due to an improvised explosive device (IED) explosion during a similar attack on the Nagarkovil front.

In the Wanni theatre of battle heavy clashes continued in Mannar, Vavuniya and Welioya battlefronts during the day.

On the Vavuniya front, troops had three separate clashes in Ramanathankulam Nelukulam and Kallikulam areas during the day and claimed that 12 terrorist were killed. Also snipers deployed in the Southeast of Madhu, and Sulanamaruthamadu areas claimed that 2 terrorists were killed. No casualties for the own troops reported in these incidents.

1:52 AM

Sri Lankan PM arrives for historic visit

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake arrived in Israel on Sunday, in the first visit by a Sri Lankan premier to the country.

Sri Lanka restored diplomatic ties with Israel in 2000, despite objections from the island's Muslim minority.

During his four-day working visit, Wickremanayake is to meet with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and President Shimon Peres, and travel to the West Bank for talks with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

On Monday he will first visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, and then Sderot.

Last year, Israel exported about $60 million in goods to the South Asian nation, while imports were around $40m., according to the Foreign Ministry.

Cooperation between the two countries is strongest in agriculture and medicine, and Israel sent a rescue team to Sri Lanka following 2004's Asian Tsunami that killed more than 225,000 people in 11 countries.

9:39 AM

Wanni Operation

At least 22 terrorists were reported killed and over 10 wounded in clashes erupted between SLA and LTTE ahead of terrorist defences in Vavuniya and Welioya fronts yesterday (March 22), Wanni military sources said.
These latest figures accounted for over 40 LTTE deaths and similar casualties in total during Saturday's pitched fighting at the Mannar, Vavuniya, Welioya and Jaffna fronts.
According to MCNS sources, 3 soldiers have laid their lives while 6 others were reported wounded in confrontations at the Welioya front. Troops have also recovered 70 AP mines and 4 booby traps following intensive search operations conducted in general area Kallikulama, the sources further said.

7:38 PM

Ship from Sri Lanka hits Bengal jetty

A ship carrying containers and construction equipment from Sri Lanka lost control and hit a Kolkata Port Trust jetty in India today. No one was injured in the accident but the jetty was completely damaged

6:13 AM

Sri Lanka Honors Arthur C. Clarke

Students, space enthusiasts, politicians and Buddhist monks paid respects Friday to the late science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke.

Clarke died Wednesday at age 90 after suffering breathing problems. His remains were put on display for public viewing at his home in Colombo, the capital of his adopted country Sri Lanka.

"He fascinated a lot of us into being interested in space and astronomy," said Kavan Ratnatunga, a Sri Lankan-born astronomer and long-time associate of the author.

Clarke won worldwide acclaim with more than 100 books on space, science and the future. He also founded the Astronomical Society of Ceylon in 1959, inspiring many youngsters by screening films of space mission launches, Ratnatunga said. Sri Lanka used to be known as Ceylon.

"He made us all proud by being with us, I became his fan by reading the '2001: A Space Odyssey' given to me by a friend," said Udana Marasinghe, a Colombo high school student who went to pay his respects Friday.

Born in western England on Dec. 16, 1917, Clarke earlier worked as a clerk and served in the Royal Air Force during World War 11 before moving to Sri Lanka in 1956.

Clarke's 1968 story "2001: A Space Odyssey" — written simultaneously as a novel and screenplay with director Stanley Kubrick — was a prophecy of artificial intelligence run amok.

Clarke was to be buried Saturday at Colombo's general cemetery in a plot owned by his friend and business partner with whom the writer lived for decades.

5:09 AM

Re-Deployment Of Sri Lankan Forces

The government is in the process of re-deploying security forces including army volunteer units and Police Special Task Force (STF) in the Northern and Eastern Provinces and the Weli Oya region to facilitate the ongoing offensive on the Jaffna, Vanni and Weli Oya fronts.

The withdrawal of the STF from parts of the Ampara District for re-deployment in the North Central Province would be part of the overall security plan under which the three forces, too, would shift both men and material, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said.

Dismissing allegations that the STF would be moved out of the Ampara-Batticaloa region to facilitate an electoral pact with the breakaway LTTE group TMVP ahead of the forthcoming elections to the Eastern Provincial Council, Rajapaksa said the STF would continue to maintain a sizeable presence in the Batticaloa District. In fact, their presence in the Batticaloa District would be strengthened to face any eventuality, he said.

The majority of STF units are deployed in the Batticaloa District, the main TMVP`s stronghold. The Defence Secretary criticised attempts to give a political twist to the re-deployment plans by linking it to the forthcoming Eastern PC election.

The former infantryman asserted that the re-deployment of both men and material would be inevitable as the offensive action on Jaffna, Vanni and Weli Oya fronts had reached a decisive stage. Fielding questions, he said the government would continue to shift troops to meet the overall military objectives. Nothing would be done to weaken the existing security arrangements in the Eastern districts of Ampara, Batticaloa and Trincomalee where government forces had taken the upper hand with the fall of Thoppigala last year.

He said government plans are on track.

The Defence Secretary said the STF had the expertise and the capacity to enhance security in Padaviya, Kebitigollewa and surrounding areas that would facilitate the overall security objectives as the army advanced on LTTE positions on the Vanni and Weli Oya fronts. Their presence would boost confidence of the people, he said while urging people not to be misled by ridiculous statements. He asserted vital security considerations had to be met as the army advanced further into the enemy-held territory.

The LTTE struggling on all fronts is also believed to have re-deployed both personnel and assets, particularly heavy guns on the Vanni front in a bid to stall the army.

He rejected claims the TMVP had demanded the immediate withdrwal of the STF.

The areas vacated by the STF would be taken over by the army and the navy, he said. The official emphasised action was being taken under a cohesive strategy to weaken Tigers as repeatedly pointed out by the government and service chiefs.

In a recent interview with The Island, Army Chief Lt. General Sarath Fonseka said the regaining of the entire Eastern Province would be part of the overall campaign against the LTTE. He asserted various battles, offensive actions and related matters including deployment of men and material shouldn`t be considered in isolation but viewed with the overall picture.

Both the UNP and JVP had claimed the TMVP wanted the STF to quit the Batticaloa-Ampara region. Both parties had demanded the immediate disarming of the breakaway LTTE faction ahead of forthcoming Eastern PC elections.

Political sources said the then Elections Commissioner Chandrananda de Silva accepted the LTTE Political Front PFLT as a registered political party in December 1989 while it waged war against the IPKF. In fact, the issue of de-commissioning of arms hadn`t been at least discussed by UNP leaders, the sources said.

8:43 PM

Terrorists Attack Army Bus

Bus carrying army personnel caught to a pressure mine explosion in the Mannar area around 7.15 p.m. today.

According to the initial information reached, 2 army personnel were killed while 6 others received injuries due to this explosion took place in general area south-bar in Mannar.


7:26 PM

Wanni Operation

Sri Lanka Army Special Infantrymen yesterday (March 20) ambushed a tractor transporting LTTE terrorists in the Konthakarankulma area, in the West of Omantahi. According to the reports received from Wanni defence, the soldiers had penetrated the LTTE defence line at the Vavuniya battlefront and launched the surprise attack around 2.25, last afternoon.

Ground troops have confirmed that all 5 terrorists travelling on the tractor were killed in the ambush. While on their withdrawal, the soldiers have destroyed two LTTE bunkers killing 3 more LTTE cadres, the reports further said.


10:17 PM

Vote Sinharaja Forest

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has called upon all Sri Lankans to vote for the Sinharaja Forest to be included in the "New 7 Wonders of Nature".

How to vote...

  1. Click the link below LiNK
  2. Select the region (asia)
  3. Select Singharaja Forest from the nominee list
  4. click Vote Now...
  5. Fill in the essential info, you have seven votes so select asia from the drop-down box
  6. then Singharaja forest from the consequent drop-down box
  7. Finally submit...

4:14 PM

STF Killed LTTE terrorists in Ampara

Police Special Task Force (STF ) Commandoes engaged in mop up operations against LTTE in Ampara district clashed with a group of LTTE cadres last night (Mar 19). According to the defence sources in the area that clash had occurred in the Nilagala area in Lahugala around 11.45.p.m.

One Special Task Force personnel had suffered injuries in the incident and latter succumbed to the injuries at the Ampara hospital. Terrorists had fled the area with heavy casualties, said the sources.

3:16 PM

Wanni Operation Continue

Defence sources claimed 21 terrorists killed in yesterday's (March 19) fighting with LTTE in the Wanni and Northern battle theatres as troops continued counter terror offensives amidst adverse weather conditions.

In the Jaffna theatre of battle, reports indicated that 6 terrorists were killed in daytime clashes erupted ahead of Muhamalai and Nagarkovil enemy defences.

In the Mannar front, in general areas Adampan and Munakkathirichchi, 2 terrorists were killed in confrontations, said the reports.

Meanwhile, reports received from Welioya front indicated that 7 LTTE terrorists were killed during intermittent clashes with troops in general areas Kokkuthuduvai and Andankulama. A soldier was also reported wounded during a confrontation with LTTE in general area Thirukeswaran.

On the Vavuniya battlefront, Army engaged artillery and mortar fire at terror locations in general area Arachchivankulama. According the reports 6 terrorists were killed in this attack.

10:10 AM

19 LTTE killed, 3 wounded in clashes

At least 19 LTTE terrorists were killed and 3 wounded in clashes at the Wanni and Northern fronts on Tuesday (18), according to military reports received.

In Muhamalai, Jaffna a LTTE terrorist was reported killed in a SLA sniper attack yesterday at 3.30p.m.

Meanwhile, intermittent clashes erupted at the Vavuniya front as troops continued to move further into LTTE defences security sources said. According to reports received 3 terrorists were killed and 2 wounded when troops confronted an LTTE ground movement in general area Karampaikkulama, at 10.40a.m. A soldier was also reported injured during the confrontation.

7:58 AM

India installs radar systemIndia installs radar system

The Indian Air Force has installed sophisticated radar with all modern systems available for aerial surveillance. It is reported that the main objective of installing this surveillance system is to prevent smuggling and infiltration operations of the LTTE exploiting the Gulf of Mannar to Sri Lanka.

Southern Air Command, Air Vice-Marshal Y.R. Rane after discussing with the Indian Air Force and Indian Coast Guard officials addressing the media said that that the new radar has eight antennae which could cover the entire Gulf of Mannar region. It had the capability to track objects such as ships, barges, trawlers, small boats and others in the Indian territorial waters off Mandapam coast.

Meanwhile the Tamil Nadu Director General of Police P. Rajendiran stated that the police have set up 60 additional check posts along the coastal areas to intensify patrolling to check infiltration of the LTTE into the state.

Reports from India said recently that Tamil Nadu Police has now detained an LTTE agent named Abdul Kareem under the National Security Act (NSA) who was earlier arrested by the Tamil Nadu Police for masterminding a secret plan to smuggle 50,000 batteries from India to the LTTE in Sri Lanka

6:02 AM

Arthur C. Clark Passes Away

Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clark has died. He was most famous for his novel 2001: A Space Odyssey, and for collaborating with director Stanley Kubrick on the film of the same name.

11:01 AM

LTTE fund raiser arrested in Canada

A Tamil person living in Canada was apprehended by the Canadian authorities yesterday (17) for allegedly collecting funds for the LTTE terrorists in Sri Lanka. He was operating in Canada under the banner of a socio-cultural organization, Canadian officials said on Monday (17). It is reported that this is the first incident where an LTTE operative was apprehended in Canadian soil. The LTTE is a banned terrorist outfit in Canada. The arrested man has been collecting funds for the LTTE from the Tamil Diasporas in Canada.

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) the apprehended person has been identified as Prapaharan Thambithurai, an ethnic Tamil who will face Canada's first terrorism financing charge: collecting money for Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers.

A senior British Columbia counter-terrorism officer told the media that Mr. Thambithurai was soliciting donations for the World Tamil Movement (WTM), which police say is the leading front organization for the LTTE in Canada.

4:35 PM

Italian Police Put The Lid On LTTE TV Channel

Italian Police has put the lid on the LTTE's illegal propaganda machinery, Euro Television channel. The illegal TV channel transmission was closed from last Thursday.

Sri Lanka Ambassador Hemantha Warnakulasuriya thanked the Italian authorities for taking action to shut down the illegal propaganda machinery emanating from Italian soil operated by Tiger terrorists.

Asian Tribune reported the birth of the terrorist-run new Tamil Television channel in Europe earlier this month-Tamil V Channel-Euro Television.

They started the test telecast of the new Tamil TV channel - Euro Television, from March 1 and it was seen on the Eurobird 9 @ 9o East satellite platform.

Although the channel was said to be transmitting on a trial basis,

10:31 AM

Soldier saves life of Tamil mother

Staff Sergeant R.W. Dharmasena of Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment recently volunteered to save a life of a pregnant mother by donating his blood to Point Pedro hospital, Jaffna. Responding to a SOS message published on the Tamil daily "Udyan" on 10th March , requesting to donate rare O negative blood , Sergeant Dharmasena attached to 51 division has volunteered to save the life of the mother and the unborn child.

1:15 AM

New Harbour in Oluvil

Mar 15, Colombo: An agreement between Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) and a Danish construction company was signed yesterday to build a new harbour in Oluwil in the Eastern Coast of the Island.

The new harbour is to be set up as a fisheries and commercial harbour. The project at a cost of Euro 46 million is to be completed by the year 2015 under the financial assistance from the Danish government.

According to the government sources, a comprehensive infrastructure development program will be launched parallel to the harbour construction project in the Ampara, Batticaloa and Monaragala districts. The project expects to create over 10,000 job opportunities in the Island’s most underdeveloped areas.

The agreement was signed between the acting chairman of the SLPA and the deputy chairman of the construction company.Oluvil harbour was a brainchild of late leader of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Mohammad Ashroff that comes in to fruition through the Mahinda Chinthana program of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

2:17 PM

Eight Tamil civilians reported to Navy

Two families consisting of eight Tamil civilians had escaped from the terror grips in the un-cleared areas in Mannar and entered into the security forces controlling area last morning, March 14.

These Tamil civilians from Wallaipadau, Wirawila reported to the Sri Lanka Navy detachment at Narapadu in Mannar, sources said.

1:26 PM

Sri Lanka purchase MiG-29

Sri Lanka is in advanced talks with Russia over the procurement of five MiG-29 fighter aircraft. The Janes Defence weekly qouted Jayantha Wickramasinghe, chief executive officer of Lanka Logistics and Technologies Limited , as saying that the acquisition of four MiG-29SMs and one MiG-29UB was "well under way".

9:25 AM

LTTE training base destroyed

An LTTE training base was destroyed this morning (March 15) in an air raid carried out by SLAF fighter jets, North East of at Vishwamadukulama in Iranamadu, Mullaittiuvu.

According to SLAF sources the enemy target had been under constant surveillance and latest air reconnaissance information has revealed intensified terrorist activity in the area.

The LTTE training facility was left in rubbles as pilots returned following the precision air sortie at around 6.10.a.m.

6:23 AM

SLA, LTTE clash in Welioya

The SLA and the LTTE clashed in general area Nikawewa - Kambiliwewa, Welioya yesterday (March 14) according to Wanni military sources.

Ground sources said that troops engaged in a limited fire-fight with the LTTE who were attempting to breach the SLA forward defences in the area, on Friday evening.

A LTTE terrorist was reported killed and body recovered by troops who later conducted extensive search operations in the area. Troops also found 4 anti-personnel (AP) mines, 2 claymore mines weighing 10 kg and a 2kg weighing claymore during the search operations.

7:25 AM

UNESCO withdraws patronage to RSF

UNESCO has withdrawn its patronage of the Online Free Expression Day, organized by the non-governmental organization, Reporters Sans frontiers (RSF).

UNESCO reiterates its support for freedom of expression on the internet but felt compelled to withdraw patronage following the publication of information by RSF which did not follow the arrangements agreed upon between the two organizations concerning the event, said a press release issued by the UNESCO Secretariat in Paris on Wednesday(12)

The statement said that UNESCO could not endorse material published by RSF concerning a number of its Member States. Further, it objected to the use of UNESCO's logo along with the above material.

8:47 AM

sound mines at Ratmalana base

Two sound mines were exploded this morning making a huge noise at the Ratmalana Air Force base when a stray animal entered the mine field of the Air base.


6:19 AM

TMVP appoints Padmini as Batti Mayor

SRI LANKA-The TMVP has decided to appoint Padmini Prabahakaran as the Mayor of the Batticaloa Municipal Council and Pradeep Master as the Deputy Mayor.''I am not help to the LTTE in past and future padmini said to the local media.

10:43 PM

Wanni liberating operation

According to the military reports reached from the Wanni and Jaffna defences 35 LTTE terrorists were killed while another 6 were wounded during the clashes sparked between security forces and LTTE yesterday, March 11. One soldier has made his utmost sacrifice while another 7 received injuries in this humanitarian mission launched to liberate the Tamil civilians in Wanni region from LTTE terror clutches.

In Jaffna theatre of battle, army snipers deployed in Muhamalai front gunned down an LTTE terrorists around 5.10 p.m yesterday. Separately, army troops ambushed an LTTE movement in general area Killay in early hours yesterday. Ground troops confirmed that one terrorist was killed in this attack.

Meanwhile, troops have launched an attack targeting LTTE bunker defnces in general area Muhamalai and 3 soldiers sustained injuries due to LTTE retaliation. The damages to the terrorist not reported yet. Troops uncovered a claymore mine from general area Sarasalai 5.30 p.m yesterday. According to the information, the claymore mine was weighing of 7kg.

12:45 AM

Twenty Tamil civilians seek Government Protection

Twenty Tamil civilians belonging to five families, fleeing LTTE-controlled areas by a boat, sought the government protection at Pallimunai and Pesalai in Mannar yesterday (11th March 2008).

In one incident, two Tamil families consisting eight (08) persons sought refuge of the government security forces at the Pallimunai Fishing Marshalling Point jointly manned by the Sri Lanka Navy and the Police, yesterday morning around 7.30 a.m.

They had fled LTTE-dominated Vedithaltievu in two "Wallams" (locally made fishing craft) yesterday (10th March 2008) around 9.30 p.m. One Wallam had been fitted with an 8 Horse Power Out Board Motor (OBM) and the other Wallam had been on tow, tied to it. The Wallam which was on tow did not have an engine; yet it had four persons on board.

One family consists of a father of 28, a mother of 27 and two daughters aged 4 and 2. The other family consists of four persons with a father of 26, a mother of 22 and two daughters aged 3 years and just 2 months. The heads of the families are fishermen by profession and one had not forgotten to sneak his precious motor cycle too on board his wallam though it added additional weight slowing down their escapade.

9:32 AM


8:30 AM

I'm casting my vote for the first time - Pillayan

TMVP leader Pillayan caste his vote for the Batticaloa local government elections at the Vipulananda Vidyalaya in Tethalai a short while ago. Speaking to our reporter at the site Pillayan said this was the first time he was casting his vote and added that he expects a “rising in the East” from tomorrow.


7:27 AM

explosion in wellawatte

One person was confirmed killed following an explosion in wellawatte a short while ago. The explosive device was reportedly in a flower basket

9:45 AM

Sivanesan was killed in a bomb-UPDATE

Pro LTTE media this evening (Mar 6) announced that Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian Kiddinan Sivanesan was killed in a bomb blast that said to have occurred in the Kanagarayankulama area. According to the media reports, the bomb explosion had occurred around 2.p.m. targeting the MP's vehicle that had been travelling on the Jaffna- Kandy (A-9) main road. The MP was on his way to Kilinochchi, the reports further said.

Meanwhile, pro LTTE media made their usual claim that the Army Deep Penetration Unit (DPU) is responsible for the bomb blast. Defence.lk when referred the matter to a senior defence official, was told that no military operation is presently being conducted in the area.

"If the reports given by LTTE propaganda elements are correct, the location of the bomb blast is at least 25Km in the LTTE dominated area from our last (security forces') bastion at Omanthai. How can we expect anyone, even a well trained commando group to enjoy a cake walk that far on the heavily guarded A-9 road", he asked.

Inquired as to why the LTTE is making such claims, he said that it has been the practice of the terrorists to fabricate such false stories either to cover their own crimes or to avoid the blame whenever something went wrong for them. Mr. Sivanesan, age 51 years, was a Jaffna district parliamentarian who entered into the House as a TNA national list member in 2004. He was also a resident in Kilinochchi.

LTTE has killed large number of democratic Tamil politician, whoever tried to go against its ideologies based on tribalism and those who held moderate views on the national problem.

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Ilanko runs aground in Colombo

President Mahinda Rajapaksa was awaiting an important visitor on Monday, February 25. It was none other than UN Assistant Secretary General Angela Kane, and the last thing the President wanted was any major human rights violations, while she was around.However, orders were not given to stall all cordon-and-search operations within the city or, even if it was, it didn’t trickle down to all the police stations.

On Monday (25), a police team from Mutwal, swooped down on a super luxury lodge in Wolfendhal Street and arrested a Muttusamy Ilankoowan alias ‘Samy’.Ilango or, Ilanko, as he is also known, was the second-in-command of the LTTE international shipping network.
In fact, Ilanko, a Singaporean national, had, reportedly, arrived in Sri Lanka, with the intention of filing a case against the Sri Lankan government, to claim compensation for the destruction of one of his ships.

Inquiries revealed that Ilanko owned the MV “Irish Mona”, which was plundered by the LTTE on August 29, 2007, while on a voyage to Jaffna, transporting 136 civilians. Two Dvora fast attack craft of the Sri Lanka Navy were destroyed during the confrontation. It is in question whether the government in power at the time, had ever known that the ship belonged to an LTTE agent. Ilanko is now suspected by sleuths, of claiming compensation for the unserviceable ship, after setting up the background to destroy two Dvora craft. Sleuths believe that Ilanko fled to Sri Lanka, when the Singaporean authorities were after him for training LTTE divers in Singapore. They believe that he returned to Sri Lanka under the pretext of claiming compensation for the ship.

The government version is that some of his ships, carrying weapons, were destroyed by the security forces, during the war. Ilanko is learnt to have hired passenger ships to successive Sri Lankan governments, to ferry people to the north and even slain UNP MP T. Maheswaran had a few such ships hired to this administration.Not knowing that a prize catch was in custody, a senior police officer was trying to get Ilanko released, and have the police officer who arrested him, transferred. A top Military Intelligence officer had to then intervene and explain to the senior police officer that Ilanko was wanted in connection with a number of LTTE activities and was fairly influential within the terrorist organization.

Ilanko was handed over to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), according to a senior defence official, who tried to get information about the arrested suspect, but was politely told that any information in the media could hamper investigations, as other LTTE operatives would go into hiding. This is absurd, as the information, already on several government websites, would suffice to alert LTTE operatives.Sleuths feel that the arrest of Ilanko could lead to further arrests and vital information of the LTTE’s international operations. But, one government website, www.news.lk, posted a story that gave an unusual twist to it. Ilanko, according to this story, was believed to have confessed that he was responsible for abducting businessmen and extorting funds for the terrorist outfit, besides running arms shipments and drug smuggling.

The twist looks absurd, as the Defence ministry website had castigated a TV station for misleading the people with a report it aired, saying, Ilanko was abducted by men who came in a white van, when he was actually arrested. It seems a bit absurd that a Singaporean national of his stature within the LTTE, would arrive in the country to mastermind a spate of abductions of Tamil businessmen. The same www.news.lk, story, in the same breath, says, he was a pilot Singapore Air Force for some time. The website went to absurd lengths to state that Ilanko had confessed that he met the leader of the LTTE suicide bombers training group in Singapore and was convinced that he should help the LTTE. If he, as claimed, was coming to claim compensation from the government, for the destruction of one of his vessels, would he admit that he was a committed LTTEer?He had, of course, told police that he had traveled to Jaffna, Vavunia and Batticaloa, before being arrested in Colombo.

While the Defence ministry website, www.defence.lk, went the extra mile to prove pictorially that Ilanko was highly connected to the top brass of the LTTE, with whom he has posed for photographs, the organisation has decided to remain mum on the arrest. Even the usually pro-active pro-LTTE Tamilnet had thought it fit not to report the news item or, even give it the usual twist.However, the official TELO website reported on these lines: “The abducted Singapore national is Mr. N. Ilanko.The Defence website has pictures of Ilanko with LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran, slain Political Wing Leader S.P. Thamilselvan, LTTE Sea Tiger chief self styled Col. Soosai and a host of others.

Fifty-seven-year-old Ilanko joined the LTTE a year after the riots, it is claimed, and received Sea Tiger training in Kilinochchi and further training in South India. However, he fled to Singapore, when he was being tracked down by the Indian authorities. Ilanko, who received Singaporean citizenship, was appointed head of the LTTE naval division, after Captain David was taken into custody in Tamil Nadu in 1994, in connection with the Rajiv Gandhi assassination.

Interestingly, another LTTE activist, G. Ilanko, a British passport holder, was arrested in Chennai, back in January 2007, in connection with a massive credit card racket, where he had in his possession 28 ATM cards. He had illegally withdrawn over Indian Rs 3 million from ATMs and sent it to the UK. The Ilanko, who was arrested on Monday, was a billionaire, who owned three ships, even before he was appointed as second-in-command of the LTTE’s International Shipping Network under Kumaran Padmanathan alias KP, who himself was arrested in September last year in Thailand.

KP was later released owing to pressure from corrupt Thai military officers, who have been in the LTTE payroll for a while. Whenever senior LTTE officers are arrested, they are soon released on huge bribes running into millions of Bahts.Another of KP’s deputies, Thavarajah, however, was arrested in Indonesia.Ten years after the Rajiv Gandhi assassination, India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), in May 2001, spread its dragnet to Malaysia, to track down KP, the absconding kingpin in the assassination case, and his associates.

The investigating agency approached its counterpart in Malaysia, seeking cooperation in the investigations by recording statements, seizing statements of bank accounts of the suspects and other documents. It also wanted KP nabbed, if he was still hiding anywhere in Malaysia. For this, an official communication was sent to the Malaysian Government, but KP remains a fugitive.

KP had, in the 80s, set up a shipping company in Kuala Lumpur, in the name of Vikram Holdings Private Limited, to transport material to the LTTE, through ships from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Thailand, USA and France.Much of KP’s work fell on Thavarajah, his deputy, who also briefly went underground, following a major US, FBI breakthrough that netted 13 suspected Tigers in a sting operation in August 2006. The following month, more arrests- mainly of foreigners- were made in connection with exporting arms to the LTTE. Again Thavarajah’s name did not surface. As all was quiet and his name did not come up, he dropped his guard.

On January 4, 2007, he undertook an important trip to Malaysia, to resume his all-important duties. The LTTE badly needed arms, ammunition and accessories for a critical phase in a decisive Eelam War.Thavarajah who had traveled extensively to Indonesia, Malaysia, the US, Laos, Burma, Thailand, Afghanistan and Vietnam, had 12 passports of different countries on his person, at the time of his arrest in Jakarta. He had been purchasing military ware from these countries and sending them across to Sri Lanka. The Indonesian Anti-Terrorist Unit was responsible for the arrest. At the time of Ilanko’s arrest in Colombo, he was staying at a lodge belonging to a Subramanium. Inquiries revealed that Ilanko had kept company with a senior police officer and an opposition politician who shielded him.
One of the major setbacks for the LTTE, during Eelam War IV, has been the arrests of several high ranking international operatives involved in fundraising, arms procurement and shipments.

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TNA MP dead following claymore attack


TNA Jaffna district MP K. Sivanesan died following a claymore attack targeting his vehicle at Kanagarayakulam in Wanni this afternoon. His driver also died in the attack. He was on his way to Killinochchi at the time of the blast.

7:44 AM

Two LTTE operatives arrested in South Indian

A close relative of Soosai , the leader of Sea Tigers, rudimentary marine wing of the LTTE and another hard core Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) member have been arrested by the Tamil Nadu authorities for building Indian Rupees 4.2 million worth boat in the South Indian state of Kerala.

Indian intelligence sources have indicated that the boat mostly finished in a Kerala boatyard near Kochin harbour was ordered to be built to beef up the now tottering power of the Sea Tigers who are engaged in gun and drug running across the narrow Palk Strait between India and Sri Lanka. They have lost many vessels in the ongoing conflict with the Sri Lankan security forces.

Tamil Nadu police authorities have identified the two men arrested as Premraj alias Raj alias Dorai Kutty (48) a close relative of Soosai and Diesel Kumar alias Kumar one of the 17 terrorists who took cyanide after Sri Lanka Navy arrested them in 1987 for gun running near Jaffna. Diesel Kumar's 12 colleagues died after biting cyanide pills but Kumar was one of the five who survived and later released.

The arrests of the two were made on Monday by the Tamil Nadu Police on the information provided to them by the Intelligence Bureau.

8:56 AM

Ship being taken to Sri Lankan shores

The Navy says it is monitoring the movements of a “suspicious” ship 150 Nautical Miles off the Eastern coast. It has been found that a large number of people are on board of the ship and authorities are trying to figure out whether it was into human smuggling or smuggling weapons to LTTE.


5:23 PM

Another claymore mine explosion in Vavuniya


LTTE terrorists continued their second claymore explosion for the day in Vavuniya, around 4.50 p.m. today (2nd March). The claymore bomb fixed push bicycle had been parked near wayside of a shop at "Sanasa Junction" in Wirapuliyankulam - Vavuniya.


11:24 AM

LTTE terrorists exploded a claymore in Vavuniya

LTTE terrorists exploded a claymore mine at Pompemadu in Vavuniya today. The explosion took place around 7.20 a.m. targeting a group of Army personnel who were performing duties in the area.

Due to the explosion one soldier reported killed, defence reports said.

Army troops conducted a search operation in the area subsequent to the incident, defence reports further added.