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Sinhala pro-LTTE


Dr Jayawardana was in Switzerland trying to get the UN and INGOs to pressure Sri Lanka to stop the war. His attempt was described as a last ditch attempt to prevent the fall of Tamil Tiger bastian Kilinochchi to the rapidly advancing security forces.

It was reported that, Dr Jayawardana met the head of Swiss Tamil Forum, which is a front organization of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). When UNP MP John Amaratnga raised this at a UNP Parliamentary Group meeting, Dr Jayawardana objected to it, but did not deny the meeting with the LTTE leader in Geneva.
Mr Amaratunga said that Dr Jayawardana’s statements abroad were detrimental to the prospects of the UNP.

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Satish Kumar challenge Jayalath Jayawardana


Indian National Congress activists and anti-terrorism groups expressed shock at recent utterances of the Sri Lankan politician Dr Jayalath Jayawardana who urged Indian intervention to save the beleaguered Tamil Tigers in Kilinochchi. They said that Dr Jayawardana’s Press Release issued in New Delhi stating that the Tamils in the north are starving and India should intervene to save them is contrary to the reports issued by UN bodies and various INGOs on the humanitarian situation.

"Is the UNP, of which Dr Jayawardana is a member, endorses his call?" Satish Kumar of Delhi Free Thinkers’ questioned. "Dr Jayawardana is trying to save the LTTE, which is facing defeat in the battle front. We in India feel that the UNP should support the government’s efforts to liberate the Tamil masses from the LTTE grip and to restore their democratic rights. In India we all join when there is a national issue," he pointed out.

Dr Jayawardana’s press release, which was published in Tamil newspapers like Erasorthi of the DMK and websites like OneIndia, said that the people in the north are living like slaves without food and other essential items and stated that Sri Lankan government has refused to allow the NGO community, social workers and priest access to the LTTE controlled areas.

He also said that the military operations in general and air raids and artillery attacks in particular have resulted in the displacement of over 150,000 civilians. He added that Bishop of Mmannar has confirmed this personally to him. The Indian media highlighted his press release and said that as Dr Jayawardana is a Sinhalese MP belonging to a national party, his statement should be taken very seriously.

However, the Indian analysts are of the view that Dr Jayawardana has distorted the facts and completely ignored the fact that the military operations were against the Tamil Tigers, "a bunch of terrorists who massacred thousands, including our beloved former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi". They also expressed doubts whether the UNP would back the anti national utterances of Dr Jayawardana and pointed out that the timing of Dr Jayawardana’s attack on Sri Lanka Government coincided with the visit of President Mahinda Rjajapaksa to New Delhi.

They also pointed out that Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama said in New Delhi that the civilians were not harmed and the Government has a policy of zero tolerance when it comes to civilian casualties. "The fight against the LTTE is continuing systematically and the troops make every effort to avoid civilian casualties. In Iraq or Afghanistan, there are hundreds of civilian deaths and in Sri Lanka situation is well in control," Indian analysts pointed out.

"What we want to know is the UNP leader Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe is endorsing Dr Jayawardana’s pro’LTTE stance?" they asked. "Mr Wickeramasinghe never made such public statements in India."