10:37 AM

Continuous losses to LTTE; 14 terrorists killed

More than 14 LTTE terrorists were killed and 12 sustained injuries as the security forces advancing further in Mannar front to consolidate defences in recently liberated Parappkandal area yesterday, January 9, defence sources said.

Security forces confronted with a group of LTTE cadres at Parappakandala while the troops engaged in consolidating operations in recently liberated areas yesterday. An LTTE group comprising 30 - 40 terrorists was detected and has launched a massive assault at them causing heavy damages to the enemy around 1.50 p.m, ground sources said. More than 8 terrorists were killed while 12 received injuries due to the confrontation, ground sources further confirmed. Four army personnel also sustained injuries, defence sources added.

Meanwhile, 4 LTTE cadres were killed in a separate confrontation erupted in the Parappakandal area yesterday, January 9. According to the defence sources the confrontation occurred at 8.45 a.m. and a body of slain LTTE cadre along with the dog tag was found in a subsequent search.

Separately, Army snipers gunned down two LTTE cadres manned in the LTTE defences at Narikkulam in Mannar yesterday, defence sources in Wanni said.