10:01 PM

Air Force Attack LTTE boats

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets bombed an LTTE boat formation comprised of three heavily armed fast boats located in the South of Mullaithvu lagoon this evening (April 19). According to the Air Force sources, the bombing mission was undertaken around 5.30 pm, on information provided by Navy units patrolling in the area.

10:12 AM

LTTE Claymore Explodes

Police personnel in route clearing petrol in general area Thambalagamuwa have narrowly escaped from an LTTE claymore explosion took place this morning (19 Apr).
The police personnel were returning after completing a duty in a vulnerable area where an electricity transformer located in Thambalabamuwa along Pokurani - Kinniya road, when the terrorists activated the claymore around 6.15 am, sources said.