4:41 PM

The Sri Lanka navy outpost at Erukkalampiddi in the Mannar Island has come under a predawn attack by the LTTE terrorists. According to defence sources, a group of LTTE terrorists had come in 6 boats and launched the attack around 2.15 am.
The sailors have defended their post effectively causing the terrorists to withdraw with their casualties. According to available information, 4 terrorists including their leader Sirimaran have died in the battle. Also, 3 sailors have been killed and few others wounded during the confrontation.
Meanwhile , Sri Lanka Air Force MI 24 helicopters pounded withdrawing terror boats in the Gulf of Mannar . According to the Air Force sources , the air assault has been launched around 4.45 a.m., targeting the terror boats fleeing towards Veddithalthievu area.
Defence observers are in the view that the terrorists have carried out this attack with the intention of stopping the people in Wanni escaping to the cleared areas. On 5th June , 13 civilians belonging to 3 families sought refuge from the Navy personnel at the Erukkulampiddi navy detachment. The refugees who resident of Silavanthei in Mullaithivu had told the navy personnel that 1000s are waiting to escape the terror clutches at a given opportunity. Therefore, the terrorist might wanted to remove the closest place of refuge to the Tamil people held hostage in the Wanni, they further said.