6:38 PM

Ferial could have been target

Minister Ferial Ashraff had just passed through the area where an explosion had occurred in Ampara. The Minister was safe.

At least 7 people were believed dead and 30 injured following the blast near the City Café Inn in Ampara this evening.

6:02 PM

Explosion reported in Ampara Town

A Large explosion took place in Ampara town short while ago, sources said.

According to the available information a bomb has been exploded around 5.45 p.m near the "New City Cafe" hotel in Ampara town.

More information will follow.

9:31 AM

Sri Lanka Army captures Adampan Town

Sri Lanka Government troops fighting against Tamil Tigers on the Mannar front, captured Adampan town area this morning from the Tamil Tigers, defence sources said.

Government troops captured Adampan tank and two square km of ground area South of Adampan today. Army conducted operations from yesterday morning and captured the area.
At least 15 Tiger cadres were killed in hours long fighting erupted between security forces and the Tamil Tigers in the area, Media Center for National Security (MCNS) said.

It was reported that two army soldiers died while 7 others suffered injuries, MCNS further said.
Defence sources further revealed, Army liberated about 2 square kilometers area, lies between the Neelachcheana road and the dam of the Adampan tank, in the South of Adampan town.

7:35 AM

UNP Trying to Hand-over East to Tigers Again, Says Minister Susil Premajayanatha

Minister Susil Premajayantha in charge of the election campaign for the UPFA told News-Lanka that all things point to a great victory for the people of the East who are determined not to hand over the East to the Tigers again. They reacted well to the President's call to go ahead with the liberation of the East and enter the democratic process. The people will hand a crushing defeat to those trying to bring back the Tigers to the Eastern Province again, he said.

Minister Premajayantha along with Minister Ameer Ali Sihabdeen and SLM Hisbullah participated in an election meeting in Oddamavadi. Subsequently, they had a press conference at the Batticaloa Town Hall. Chanthirakanthan alias Pilliyan, Minister Ameer Ali Sihabdeen, SLM Hisbullah, Pradeep Master and Pirabakaran Sivakeertha, Mayor of Batticaloa participated in the press conference.