5:36 PM

Govt. Schools closed tomorrow (11) and on Thursday (12)

The Ministry of Education has announced that all Government schools will be closed tomorrow (11) and the day after (12).
This decision was taken taking into consideration the risks associated with the teacher trade union action scheduled for tomorrow and the day after. Minister of Higher Education, Susil Premajayantha said that schools will be held on two extra dates in lieu of these two holidays in August.

5:30 PM

Second air raid launched at Terror FDL

Sri Lanka Air Force launched its second air raid at selected targets on the LTTE forward defence line (FDL) around 3 this evening (June 10). According to Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanaykkara , the raid was undertaken by fighter jets, following thorough air surveillance.

4:28 PM

Three LTTE suspects gunned down

Latest reports from the East confirm that the body of the remaining LTTE suspects has been found with gunshot injuries. Two LTTE suspects were gunned down during a Police and Army combined cordon and search operations at Pallaikudiruppu in Akkaraipatuwa this morning (June 10). According to the defence sources in the area, an armed group of 3 suspects had lobbed two hand grenade at the Police and Army personnel engaged in the search operation around 7 am.

2:35 PM

Policeman helping LTTE bomber arrested

A special police team arrested a policeman who is said to have had close dealings with the LTTE suspect Jadheesan Balasubramaniam who was arrested on in connection with the bomb blast on the railway line at Dehiwala last week.
The policeman attached to the Wellawatte Police Station is a resident of Kobeigane, in Kurunegala and had very close connections with the LTTE suspect Jadheesan Balasubramaniam, who was arrested by the police at the Irattaperiyakulam in a bus bound for Vavunia last week, Police Headquarters sources said yesterday (9).
The policeman had met Jadheesan very often used his motorcycle.
It has also been revealed that the policeman had visited Bangkok with a friend some weeks back and the police are investigating his movements to ascertain whether his overseas tour had anything to do with terrorist activities.
The special police team questioning the constable at length believes that valuable information could be gathered from the suspect about the activities of the LTTE suspect Jadheesan, who was working as a technician for an air condition equipment company while living at Wattala with his wife, who, too, was arrested.
Police also said that they were also investigating the background of the policeman and whether he had any connections with other covert LTTE operatives in the south.