8:55 AM

SLAF fighter jets destroy LTTE training base

SLAF fighter jets bombed an LTTE training base located in general area Pulopalai, South East of security forces FDL - Muhamalai this morning (04 April). Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Andrew Wijesooriya speaking to defence.lk said that the air raid was conducted between 6.20 a.m and 6.40 am today with fighter jets.

Air raid was launched observing latest development at the targeted LTTE base through the air surveillance conducted recently, he added. The pilots confirmed that targeted LTTE training facility was completely destroyed due to the bombardment.

8:54 AM

LTTE to desecrate Madhu shrine

Defence sources in the Wanni battlefront citing intelligence reports say that LTTE terrorists have ordered the priests in the Madhu church to leave church premises with immediate affect. According to the sources, LTTE terrorists have issued their orders today (April 3) with the full backing of an influential terrorist supporter in Mannar, in order to spare the church premises for terrorist activities.

Earlier, LTTE had positioned its heavy mortar and artillery guns at close range to the church in order to take cover from the civilian refugees at the church, said the sources. However, as the priests and the refugees started to protest against the cowardly tactics of LTTE, the terrorists have ordered the priests to leave the church premises, the sources added.