2:14 PM

59 Div cross over LTTE built earth bund

he 59 Division troops led by Brigadier Prasanna Silva have stepped-up into the on-going hostage rescue operation, with initial advances made by 6 SLLI and 12 SLLI infantrymen crossing the LTTE constructed earth bund cum ditch North of the Wadduvakal causeway, early this morning (May 12).

According to latest military reports, the initial forward military thrust was followed by the induction of Special Forces resulting in a rapid wipe-out of the remaining terrorist resistance in the area. Troops have advanced 300m further into LTTE defences after consolidating positions at the Wadduvakal causeway, military said.

The capture of the causeway and adjacent territory is of immense tactical importance considering the existing ground context, a defence observer said adding that this would inevitably open-up another alternative escape route for the civilians held hostage by LTTE terrorists. Not only troops have secured the Wadduvakal causeway, entrance to the Mullaittivu shallow waters, but also denied terrorists the use of the Nanthikadal lagoon minimizing concentrated LTTE attacks at fleeing civilians, the observer further said.