8:21 PM

Four killed including child in LTTE claymore attack

LTTE terrorists triggered off another claymore mine killing four people including a 12 year old at Vavuniya, within hours following the separate claymore attack took place this morning (December 27) at Kalavanchchikuddi, Batticaloa.

According to Vavuniya Police, LTTE elements have detonated the mine targeting a paper distribution vehicle at Kurumankadu, along the Vavuniya- Mannar road, at around 2.p.m. An EPDP member (Wasanthan), the driver (Liyanage) and a Police constable (Rathnayake) were among the wounded, initial reports said.
Latest reports from Vavuniya state, that total casualty figures have increased to seven.

The innocent child killed was identified as Sivanadan Sujikaran, 12, at No: 36, 4th lane - Kurumankadu.Informed sources said, the vehicle was distributing a local Tamil news paper of EPDP. The news paper has been severely criticizing LTTE's tribal ideologies and serving a news window to Tamils in the area.
The injured were rushed to the general hospital at Vavuniya, Police said. Meantime, the slain EPDP members were identified as Kandan, Saravanan and Regie.

12:05 PM

One MSD guard cuffed and taken away

Minutes ago one MSD guard of Mervyn Silva was handcuffed and taken away by police. Mervyn Silva is yet to come out of the chairman’s room.

Non-Cabinet Media Minister, Lakshman Yapa was seen pleading with the staff of Rupavahini to let the police take Mervyn Silva out of the building. Yapa upon entering the scene condemned the assault on the News Director by the minister. Meanwhile the staff had brutally beaten the MSD guard of Mervyn.

11:33 AM

Mervyn held hostage at Rupavahini

After the tense situation following the assault on the News Director, Mervyn Silva has taken refuge in the Chairman’s room, sources informed. The infuriated staff has surrounded the room and threatened to cause harm if the minister steps out of the room. The police are trying to infiltrate the chairman’s room but the staff has prevented the police from entering.

10:41 AM

Docter bull

Minister Mervyn Silva was at it again, this time assaulting the News Director of the state owned Rupavahini Corporation a short while ago for not carrying a news item. A tense situation has developed following the incident at the Rupavahini Corporation.

8:52 AM

SLAF raids major LTTE facility

SLAF super sonic MiG-27 and K'Fir combat fighters made dashing sorties this morning (December 27) at a major LTTE facility at Vellamullavaikkal, North of Mulaithivu, at around 6.10 a.m.

Air force fighter pilots have acquired the target successfully destroying the LTTE facility during the precision aerial sorties, Air force sources said. According to sources, the aerial raid was launched following ground surveillance and real time air reconnaissance information. Defence sources citing reliable 'intel' said, LTTE were conducting a special training session at the facility which was continuously functioning since 2001.

Defence sources said, the target was kept under constant reconnaissance, which was located northwards along the coast of Mulaithivu. LTTE has been conducting multi-pronged war exercises at the facility when it was hit, by the SLAF jets.

8:50 AM

Security News

  • P 413 sinks after destroying two suicide boats

Sri Lanka navy sources today (December 27) stated that the Ceylon Dockyard built Fast Attack Craft (FAC) P413 sank whilst being towed to Kankasanthurai Harbour. The craft was seriously damaged during the sea battle erupted in the South of Delft sea yesterday (December 26). Navy's diving and salvage unit is now being engaged in a salvage attempt, sources added.

P413 crew commanded by Lieutenant Commander Lalith Ekanayake yesterday demonstrated the sheer determination and gallantry possessed by the sea warriors of Navy's Fourth Fast Attack Craft Flotilla by destroying two explosive laden suicide craft of LTTE. Having detected the terrorist's sea move P413 along with other FACs valiantly engaged the terrorist boats despite being heavily out numbered by the enemy. Lieutenant Commander Ekanayke made the ultimate sacrifice for the motherland while eleven of his men have gone missing in action.

  • Civilians traumatized in LTTE claymore explosion

LTTE elements triggered off a byroad claymore mine this morning (December 27) laid in close perimeters of Kalavanchchikuddi general hospital injuring two including a 15 year old, Kalavanchchikuddi Police said.The claymore mine was tripped to a bicycle and triggered targeting a combine Police/STF route clearing patrol, along the Kalavanchchikuddi-Kalmunai main road at around 7.50a.m, Police sources said.

One Special Task Force (STF) constable was killed while another received minor injuries, during the incident. Security forces immediately cordoned off the area while assisting innocent civilians and patients, who were traumatized due to the claymore explosion.