7:17 PM

Monaragala Pradeshiya Saba Chairman Was Shot

Monaragala Pradeshiya Saba (PS) deputy chairman Muthulingam was shot dead a short while ago. Police say unknown gunmen traveling in a white van carried out the crime at his residence in Monaragala.

2:39 PM

No move against Sri Lanka

he four-week-long Seventh Session of the UN Human Rights Council which concluded yesterday (March 28) in Geneva took action on more than 35 resolutions and decisions on the promotion and protection of human rights and Sri Lanka was not on its agenda once again.

There was no action taken by the Council on the country's human rights situation in any of the three standard forms, namely a resolution, a special session or a statement by the President of the Council.

1:44 PM

LTTE suspects arrested in Tamil Nadu

The Tamil Nadu Police reportedly have arrested 3 LTTE suspects alleged of smuggling for the LTTE an internationally banned terror outfit on Friday(March 28) Indian media was quoted.

The LTTE suspects were been detained under the National Security Act(NSA) while 4 others were reported arrested under the same act for smuggling activities for the Maoist movement.The LTTE suspects were identified as Murudapandi, Muthuramalingam and R. Raja now in detention at Puzhal and Madurai Central prisons in Tamil Nadu.

1:43 PM

Two LTTE Bunkers Destroyed

Troops in a pre dawn attack have destroyed two fortified bunkers manned by LTTE terrorists this morning (March 29). According to the defence sources at Mannar battlefront, Sri Lanka army infantrymen have launched the surprise attack around 4.a.m at the LTTE bunker defence located in Elanthivan area, South of Admapan.

Ground troops have confirmed that 10 LTTE cadres were killed in this incident. Also, a 700m stretch of land has been dominated, sources further said. The soldiers are consolidating their positions, the sources added.