6:51 PM

77 LTTE Cadres Killed

According to the reports received by this morning (April 13), intercepted radio transmissions have confirmed terrorists numbering 77 killed and at least 26 others injured on Mannar front alone. In addition, 12 soldiers died in the battle while 29 others suffered injuries, reports revealed.

During these operations, 8 LTTE bunkers located at various positions on the battlefront came under army. During the search operations conducted so far 1 body of slain LTTE cadres have been found.

6:50 PM

14 terrorists killed in yesterday

According to the military reports, heavy clashes erupted in Vilattikkulam , Vinayagakankulam ,Chinnavalayankaddukulam and Madhu camp areas in the Vavuniya front during the daytime yesterday. Ground troops claimed 9 terrorists were killed and 2 others injured while 3 soldiers also suffered injuries during these clashes. Meanwhile, 3 soldiers suffered serious injuries due to anti personnel mine explosions occurred in the Chonakulama and Madhu areas on the same day. Snipers deployed in Madhu camp area gunned down 1 LTTE terrorist, reports further reveal.