1:29 PM

Pansiya Panas Jathakaya stories in online

The President describing the move as a historic one added that the Pansiya Panas Jathakaya was a text which portrays the life of the Bodhisatwa in the Sansara journey which could be adopted by any individual to carve out his life journey in the correct path.

Thus with the advent of present technical innovation such as the Internet presented viable mode to take the path of the Buddha to the future generation and all followers and non followers of Buddhism around the globe, the President observed during the event at Temple Trees Justify Fullyesterday morning.

The President also noted that Sri Lanka had recorded a 20per cent growth in the ICT literacy in recent times and also there was a lot of interest both locally and internationally today regarding Buddhism. He described the attempt as a timely move to address the world on Buddhism using the Internet.

ICTA Acting Chairman Prof. P.W. Epasinghe emphasized that IT should be used as a mode to promote Sri Lanka's national heritage in the global village. He emphasized that spiritual development was as important as physical development in today's context and that IT could be used as a viable mode of transmission.

The present initiative has been carried out by the ICTA on an idea mooted by President Rajapaksa. and could be accessed on the net by visiting www.jathakakatha.org

8:23 AM

EU MEPs' delegation arrived in Sri Lanka

EU Parliamentary Delegation is now in Sri Lanka . It is led by EU Parliamentarian Robert Evans , who was a British MP. Deputy Leader of the delegation Niranjan Deva Adithya , who is a Sri Lanka said the the MEPs delegation will meet Cabinet ministers, Political parties, Civil societies , Media and the Chief Minister of the Eastern Province Sivaneshathurai Chandrakanthan.

During their six day stay in Sri Lanka, the delegation would discuss regarding GSP Plus status and several other issues with Sri Lankan authorities.

The GSP plus concession would enable Sri Lanka to export its ready made apparels, goods and products to the EU at reduced or exempted tax and duty levies. The European Parliamentary delegation will visit the Eastern Province to witness the political transformation taking place there and to meet with the new Chief Minister Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan.

The delegation headed by its Chairman Robert Evans, Socialist Group member of the UK, will include a cross section of the political groups and member states represented within the EU.

7:22 AM

Troops Liberate Illuppaikkadavai

Sri Lanka army has declared Iluppaikkadavai town liberated ending 21 years of terror rule of LTTE this afternoon (July 20). According to defence sources troops of Task Force 1 and Commando brigade encircled the remote town situated 12 km North of Vidattaltivu by last night and entered the town this morning.

The sources further said that another large LTTE stronghold situated on the Northwestern coast of the Island has fallen with the new victory.

Military spokesperson Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara speaking to defence.lk said that troops have also captured the largest LTTE base situated on Northwestern coast. He said that this base was not a Sea Tiger base but used for other terror activities in the area during last 2 decades.

7:21 AM

13 terrorists killed, anti air gun seized

Army Commandos in pursuit of the withdrawing terrorists along the Mannar- Pooneryn (A-32) road attacked a group of terrorist detected in the Murunkalyadippudi area 3 Km North of Iluppaikkaddavai around 12.10 this afternoon.

The Commandos confirmed that 13 terrorists were killed in this confrontation while many others suffered injuries. Also, they seized an anti air machine gun of 12.7mm caliber , a T-81 rifle and one radio communication set.

Clearing operations are being carried out in the area. Troops of Task Force 1 and Commando Brigade today captured the largest terrorist stronghold on the Northwestern coast of the Island at Iluppaikkaddavai. Following this victory troops are marching further northwards along the A-32 road.