9:57 PM

LTTE suffer heavy damages

According to the military report reached from the forefront, 28 LTTE terrorists were killed and another 17 were either killed or wounded in clashed sparked in Northern and Wanni defences yesterday, March 26. Further it says, 22 more terrorists were wounded during these clashes. Six security forces personnel have made their supreme sacrifice while another 19 suffered injuries, the report further stated.

On the Jaffna theatre of battle, three LTTE cadres were killed in clashes occurred Muhamalai front. Meanwhile, one soldier was killed and two others suffered injuries in clashes in the same front.

On Wanni theatre of battle, in Vavuniya front, incidents are reported from Madu, Sulanamaruthamadu and Koilmoddai areas yesterday. Two LTTE cadres were killed in a confrontation took place in general area Madu while four others suffered injuries when the troops ambushed an LTTE movement in same area, the report said. Four army personnel were killed while seven others reported injured during confrontations took place in Sulanamaruthamadu and Koilmoddai areas.

In Mannar front, Sri Lanka Air Force MI-24 gun ships launched an air raid targeting LTTE strongholds in general area Alankulam and by intercepting LTTE communication channel, it is revealed that 7 terrorists were killed while 18 others suffered severe injuries due to this attack. Meanwhile, five more terrorists were killed in separate confrontations took place in Kaddupulam and Sirikulam areas, troops confirmed.

One soldier received injuries due to an explosion of anti-personnel mine in general area Adampan. Meanwhile, five people including one army soldier, two STF personnel and two civil workers injured due to indiscriminate mortar fire launched by the LTTE in general area Giant's Tank, sources said.

9:53 PM

LTTE inhumanely assault Sri Lankan Film Director

Sri Lankan film director Thushara Perera was inhumanly assaulted at Gemini Colour Laboratory, in Chennai yesterday by a violent mob lead by LTTE supporters. Thushara, a young film director who had gone to India to complete the Tamil version of his maiden film "Prbhakaran" suffered serious injuries including cut wounds on his back as the mob laid hands on him as he was coming out of the laboratory.

Thushara told media that he had run to save his life while the mobsters chased him and assaulted him until he got unconscious for about 45 minutes. Indian Police had rescued him and rushed him to immediate medical attention. Thushara is now undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Colombo

The young film director came under the wrath of LTTE, a banned terrorist outfit in India as his maiden film "Prabhakaran" is based on a story of a Child soldier who was brain washed into suicide bomber by the outfit. As child soldiers and brain washed suicide bombers are commonly identified with LTTE terrorists, the film has been considered as a huge threat by the LTTE propagandists.

According to Thushara, there have been massive and misleading propaganda claiming that the film was anti Tamil, by certain Indian media. However, the film maker claimed that the film is not anti Tamil or even not against terrorism, to LTTE to get annoyed.

10:10 AM

Air Force Destroy LTTE Training Facility

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets successfully carried out two bombing missions targeting two well identified camps of LTTE terrorists located in Wanni region this morning (March 27). According to the defence sources the targets were a training facility and a Radar location both located in Kilinochchi district.

Air Force Spokesman Wing Commander Andrew Wijesooriya speaking to defence.lk said that the first mission was launched around 6.25.a.m. targeting a training facility located inside a jungle patch at Kalmadukulam, in North-East of Iranamadhu.

According to the defence intelligence, the terrorists have also used the location as a marshalling point for the conscripts. The target was achieved based on the information received on recent developments of this terror location from the reliable sources in Wanni region. Further, the target had been well identified through continuous air surveillances conducted by the SLAF, sources further added.