3:43 PM

MAS Linea Aqua donates Rs. 1 million


MAS Linea Aqua private limited, subsidiary of MAS holdings has donated 1 Million rupees to the Api Venuwen Api Fund yesterday (February 28). Retired Colonel Rohan Anthony, the Group Human Resources Manager of MAS Holdings, handed over the cheque to Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa at the Ministry premises last evening.

Api Venuwen Api Fund is a welfare fund established Ministry of Defence to build 50,000 houses for war heroes. Under this project 1620 houses are being constructed at Ipalogama in Kakirawa.


3:42 PM

Codegen International donates 800,000 rupees


Codegen International Private Limited, one of the leading enterprises in Sri Lanka's software industry yesterday (February 28) donated sum of 800,000 rupees to Ministry of Defence Seva Vanitha Unit for a house construction project. Honorary Chairman MOD Seva Vanitha, Mrs. Ioma Rajapksa received the cheque from the Director legal of Codegen International Pvt Ltd, Mr Kusal Subasinghe, at the Ministry premises last evening. Several staff members of the Codegen International Pvt Ltd were also present at the occasion.

The house construction project has been undertaken by the MOD Seva Vanitha to build a house for the family of private G.R. Wijesooriya, who died in an accident while serving under the bomb disposal unit in the Ministry of Defence. Sri Lanka Army is to provide the design and the labour for the project.


8:30 AM

Bomb Blast at Kotahena (update)


Suicide blast kills LTTE suicide cadre, 4 policemen and 4 civilean injured. Police say the blast occured while a corden and search operation was being conducted in the area.


6:33 AM

Bomb Blast at Kotahena


Explosion in a house in Aluthmawatha, kotahena( Colombo) at 6.10 am, four policemen and three civilean injured.


11:51 AM

A LTTE terrorist was killed


A LTTE terrorist was killed ambushed this morning (February 28) by Police Special Task Force (STF) personnel in general area Vellaveli, Batticaloa.

According to military reports, troops on receiving early information of an LTTE movement in the area have laid an ambush in a semi-jungle patch and gunned down a terrorist at around 5 a.m. The troops have managed to recover an LTTE body which was later brought to the general hospital at Batticaloa for post- mortem and magisterial inquiry.

During subsequent search operations conducted troops also found a T-56 assault rifle, 01x claymore mine, a detonator, a hand grenade, 3x T-56 magazines, a wire roll and few 9V batteries.


11:22 AM

Nine terrorists killed


Nine terrorists including an area LTTE leader were reported killed said MCNS, during clashes erupted between LTTE and troops at Wanni defences on Wednesday (27).

According to reports, 3 terrorists were killed in confrontation with troops in general area Kovilmoddai, Vavuniya yesterday at around 2.15 p.m. A body of a female terrorist and T- 56 assault rifle was recovered by troops in subsequent search operations, MCNS reported.

Six other terrorists were also reported killed in clashes at Thiruketheeswaran area in Mannar, yesterday at 4 p.m. According to MCNS reports, it was believed that an area LTTE leader named 'Victor' was among the dead or had sustained injuries in confrontations.

Meanwhile, troops conducting search operations in general area Ponarasankulama, Vavuniya recovered a T-56 assault rifle, magazines and 60 ammunition rounds at 6 p.m.

The search operation was conducted on civilian information, where the items were found hidden in an abandoned house.


10:19 AM

Batticaloa geared for polls


Defence Spokesperson Minister Keheliya Rambukwella addressing media yesterday (27) during a press briefing held at MCNS stated that all preparations were made for the local government elections in the Eastern province on March 10, contrary to the picture of violence and distorted cheap propaganda by certain groups and parties."Only 26 election related incidents had been reported so far in Batticaloa and they too are minor incidents. Police are fully investigating those incidents," the Minister said.

"There had been elections which had become a 'black mark' in this country. "So compared to other elections the local polls campaign in Batticaloa is one of the best elections so far," the Minister added.

Minister Rambukwella also drew attention to the incident concerning the former Executive Director of ICES (International Centre for Ethnic Studies), Dr Rama Mani, explaining that the UNDP Chief of Policies and Programs, Omar Norman, had signed a petition requesting that her visa be extended and had later complained that he was tricked into signing it.

The Eastern province is now going through a massive development process under the "Nagenahira Udanaya" he further stated. The GoSL has embarked on ensuring economic freedom to the Eastern population by implementing development projects costing Rs. 6.1 billion, the Minister remarked.

It is a great achievement to be able to hold local elections in the east, which also underlines the government's urgency to refurbish democracy in east while implementing its road map for the mega development projects, the Spokesperson said.

However, Minister Rambukwella also pointed out that even in superior democracies it is not always possible to prevent incidents of this nature adding that such incidents can be expected in an area liberated from the clutches of terrorism in the recent past.


6:33 AM

The arrests that upset terror

A local TV station in its evening news telecast yesterday (February 25), reported that an unidentified gang that had come in a white van abducted a person named Muththusami Ilankoowan alias Sami at Pettah, Colombo on the same day evening. According to this TV station the person who was a holder of a Singaporean passport had been accommodated at a hotel on Kadireshan road before getting "disappeared".

Media personnel of this TV station who seemed to have got the first hand information on this "disappearance", quickly inquired from the police media spokesman who was only able inform them what he knew at the time. Later, the police spokesperson informed relevant media station that the person that it was referring as disappeared was actually a suspect arrested by the police. However, the media station carried out the same story spinning it as an abduction that carried out by the government giving less prominence to the police spokesman's clarification.

A senior intelligence official speaking exclusively to defence.lk said that Muththusami Ilankoowan is a number one LTTE terrorist who is suspected to have a hand in many civilian massacres carried out by LTTE in the south. Muttusami, is a Sri Lankan born Tamil, who has strong connection with terror chief V.Prbhakaran, and also with LTTE's international wing leaders such as Castro , Kumaran Padmanadan, David and Iyyanna. The suspect has his own shipping line by which he is said to be promoting cross border terrorists activities of LTTE as well as of other international terrorist organizations that work hand in hand with LTTE, the intelligence official said. As proof for his claim the intelligence official gave defence few pictures of the suspect taken with the kingpins of the terror organizations.

Speaking further the official revealed that the suspect had come to Sri Lanka last year to promote terror activities in the South. He said that the arrest of Muttusami is a great achievement, not only for Sri Lanka but also for other countries that fight against terrorism. Finally he said, that the irresponsible behaviour of the above mentioned TV station shows none other than its cooperation with the terror outfit that murder its own viewer

It should be noted that counter terrorist warfare is not the same as conventional warfare and therefore has its own methods of dealing with the enemy. For instance, the arrest of Muttusami though perfectly legal, it has been made in a swift manner than a normal arrest in order to prevent accomplices of the suspect getting alarmed. However all such measures taken by the security forces are aimed at saving the lives of civilians than anything else. On the other hand, it is natural for the terrorist accomplices to get disturbed on such arrests and to take whatever action to prevent them. Therefore, it is high time for all peace loving Sri Lankans to comprehend reality that what agitates those terror accomplices are actually attempts aimed at saving lives of innocent.


10:45 PM


Security forces continued military offensive operation against LTTE terror outfit inflecting heavy damages to the enemy yesterday, February 25. 46 LTTE terrorists were killed and another 5 sustained injuries in yesterday clashes. Further, 4 army soldiers were killed while 13 others received injuries during these clashes erupted right throughout the day, military reports said.

In the Jaffna theatre of battle, army snipers deployed in Muhamalai and Kilaly fronts gunned down two LTTE terrorists in two separate incidents around 7.25 a.m and 12.35 p.m respectively.

In Wanni theatre of battle, in Vavuniya front, one LTTE terrorists was killed by the troops in a confrontation took place at Navatkulam around 1.45 p.m, sources said.

In general area Koilmoddai, a fresh attack was launched targeting LTTE bunker defences and five LTTE cadres were killed by the troops around 12.30 p.m. two terrorists also injured due to the attack. Two army personnel were also received injuries in this confrontation, the report said.

Troops ambushed an LTTE movement in general area Udayanatankulam and killed 6 LTTE terrorists 5.20 p.m. an LTTE terrorist was killed in a separate confrontation took place at 12.35 p.m in general area Periyapantrichurichcha.

One soldier was killed and another received injuries due to LTTE mortar fire at 1.20 p.m in general area Koilmoddai. Meanwhile, one soldier was killed and two others received injuries in three separate anti-personnel mine explosions took place at Vilattikkulam, Karampaikkulam, Periyapantrichurichchan, report further added.


8:43 PM

The arrests that upset terror


Defence sources in the Welioya battlefront say Sri Lanka Army soldiers have destroyed a fortified stronghold of LTTE terrorists this evening (February 25). According to the sources, Army infantrymen launched attacks at the LTTE defences located in the North of Janakapura area between 1.p.m. to 2.p.m.Following the attack, troops found 7 bodies of slain LTTE cadres, along with 6, T-56 riffles, one Light Machine Gun (LMG) and one GPS equipment, the sources said.

In addition, the terrorists attempted to regain the control over the area but failed in the face of army retaliation, said the sources. Army engaged artillery at the LTTE reinforcements and caused them to turn tail with heavy casualties. Later, LTTE radio transmissions revealed that 5 more LTTE cadres were killed and 4 injured due to Army retaliation.One soldier was killed in this incident, the sources added.


4:47 PM

Two TMVP members killed in a suicide blast


Two political activists of Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikkal (TMVP), a political party contesting for local government polls in Batticaloa were killed in a suicide blast carried out by LTTE terrorists at Kalawanchikudi in Batticaloa this morning. According to the defence sources, the blast had taken place around 9.45.a.m. on the Eruvil- Kalawanchikudi road.

TMVP spokesperson Mr. Asad Mawulana speaking to defence.lk said the individuals were canvassing for the Tamil political party in view of forth coming local government elections in the Batticaloa district when they were attacked.

Mr. Mawulana citing eyewitnesses said that, t.he TMVP members had approached a suspected individual loitering in the area to inquire on his whereabouts. The suspect had then exploded himself killing the two TMVP members, he added.

According to TMVP sources, the political party had organized a public meeting at Kalavanchchikudi today, to which few senior TMVP candidates were also due to attend. The victims have been identified Regan and Sudha, sources added.


11:50 AM

Terror bomb blast in Mount Lavinia


LTTE terrorists have exploded a bomb inside a public transport bus in Mount Lavinia, in the South of Colombo city around 10.55, this morning targeting innocent civilians. According to the available information, the bomb has been exploded in a privately owned bus that was plying from Moratuwa to Colombo. Due to the explosion 18 people including 10 males, 7 females and one baby have suffered minor injures. The bus and a motorbike parked nearby have been destroyed.

However, the terrorists' beastly intention to commit carnage against civilians has foiled due to the vigilance of the civilians themselves. According to the defence.lk reporter at the scene, one of the passengers having noticed a suspicious parcel has informed the driver and the conductor of the bus.

The conductor has alarmed the passengers and asked them to vacate the bus as soon as possible. At the same time, the driver of the bus has taken the bus to a safe distance from the civilians and informed the police, he said. Few minutes after driver got down from the bus, the bomb has gone off, he added.

According to our sources, unless for the responsible behaviour shown by the bus conductor, the driver and the passenger who alarmed them; a large number of civilians would have been killed.

Earlier this month, a navy petty officer saved large number of civilian lives by promptly defusing a similar parcel bomb placed by LTTE terrorists at the Anuradhapura weekly fair.


9:55 AM

Rivira Special News Report

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9:48 PM

powerful explosives unearthed in Mannar

Mannar police recovered a large stock of explosives including several powerful claymore mines, grenades and a suicide kit from an LTTE safe house in Periyagama area on a tip off in the evening.

According to the available information the search operation was launched at 10.30 a.m and 125 anti-personnel mines and a claymore mine weighing 5 Kg were also among the recoveries.

4:54 AM

LTTE feeds on civilian blood

Aid workers and reliable sources reveal a worsening crisis in districts of Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu, with LTTE terrorists forcing men, women and children in these non-liberated areas to provide blood to the outfit, defence sources said.

With few volunteers responding to its calls for blood, the LTTE is now targeting school children and even adults past their prime to obtain supplies of blood for its fighting cadres. The LTTE's "Thileepan" unit is reportedly involved in this heinous activity. It is even threatening those who do not volunteer for blood donations with severe reprisals.

According to available reports, 40 students in Kilinochchi were dragged to the Anandapuram Technical College on 22nd January, where the LTTE has stationed its blood banks, to draw blood from them.

On 28th January, school children and civilians were dragged away and forced to give blood to the mobile units of LTTE in general area Vaddakachchi, Kilinochchi. People were taken to these LTTE blood banks in tractors of LTTE. Not even elders or children were spared, eye witnesses who were able to flee the areas revealed.

8:56 PM

11 civilians killed and 92 injured in LTTE bomb blast


LTTE terrorists carried out cowardly bomb blast targeting innocent civilians at the Fort Railway station this afternoon (February 3). Eleven people have been killed and 92 others suffered injuries as a suspected LTTE suicide bomber blew herself up on the third platform of the railway station around 2.10 p.m, said the defence sources.

According to the sources in the Colombo National Hospital, Eleven bodies are lying at the hospital and 92 are presently under going treatment at the hospital. 10 of the injured are in critical conditions while four of them have been already taken to the theatre for immediate surgeries, the sources added.

According to the available information the explosion was carried out by a female suicide bomber who had get down from a train reached to the Fort railway station.

LTTE is a ruthless terrorist outfit that fights for a mono ethnic separate homeland for the Tamils in Sri Lanka since 1983. It operates on an ideology based on extreme tribalism and carries out genocides against Sri Lankan citizens by way of bomb blasts, ethnic cleansing raids, suicide attacks, assassinations etc. However, the outfit as a policy never claim responsibility for any of its egregious crimes and also uses its agents in media to turn the blame of the crimes towards some other party.


2:13 PM

Explosion at Fort railway station


There had been an explosion at the Fort Railway station a short while ago, police said.


11:52 AM

Dehiwala Zoo temporarily closed


Seven people including two children received minor injuries and were rushed to the general hospital Kalubowila, when a hand grenade exploded inside the Dehiwala Zoo, today (February 3) at 10.35 a.m.

Dehiwala police rushed to the scene and sealed the area, Police sources said. The Kalubowila Hospital sources when contacted said that, among the seven people admitted one person was suffering from the shock caused due to the explosion.

A pregnant woman was also injured and admitted for treatment, the sources further said. Meanwhile, a person has revealed witnessing the explosion which as he said, occurred when some unknown individual threw an object into a litter bin, near the "Birds Paradise" at the zoo.

" A flash of light was followed by a shock wave and that's all I could recollect", he further revealed, speaking to our correspondent at the hospital.

The motive of the grenade attack is not known and the responsible are yet top be identified, as Police are conducting investigations with assistance of security forces, Dehiwala Police said.

Following the incident Dehiwala Zoo was temporarily declared closed for public by its officials.

The hand grenade attack comes within 24 hours of the LTTE's brutal bus bomb attack targeting pilgrims to Anuradhapura, at Dambulla on Saturday. Eighteen innocent civilians were killed and around 80 wounded in the cowardly bomb blast.


4:54 AM

Pakistan supports Lanka’s


Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has expressed his support for the efforts of the Sri Lankan government in its fight against terrorism. He emphasized the need to eliminate terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, the foreign Ministry said in a statement at the end of a meeting between Foreign Minister Rohith Bogollagama and the Pakistan President in Islamabad today.