4:54 AM

LTTE feeds on civilian blood

Aid workers and reliable sources reveal a worsening crisis in districts of Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu, with LTTE terrorists forcing men, women and children in these non-liberated areas to provide blood to the outfit, defence sources said.

With few volunteers responding to its calls for blood, the LTTE is now targeting school children and even adults past their prime to obtain supplies of blood for its fighting cadres. The LTTE's "Thileepan" unit is reportedly involved in this heinous activity. It is even threatening those who do not volunteer for blood donations with severe reprisals.

According to available reports, 40 students in Kilinochchi were dragged to the Anandapuram Technical College on 22nd January, where the LTTE has stationed its blood banks, to draw blood from them.

On 28th January, school children and civilians were dragged away and forced to give blood to the mobile units of LTTE in general area Vaddakachchi, Kilinochchi. People were taken to these LTTE blood banks in tractors of LTTE. Not even elders or children were spared, eye witnesses who were able to flee the areas revealed.