8:43 PM

The arrests that upset terror


Defence sources in the Welioya battlefront say Sri Lanka Army soldiers have destroyed a fortified stronghold of LTTE terrorists this evening (February 25). According to the sources, Army infantrymen launched attacks at the LTTE defences located in the North of Janakapura area between 1.p.m. to 2.p.m.Following the attack, troops found 7 bodies of slain LTTE cadres, along with 6, T-56 riffles, one Light Machine Gun (LMG) and one GPS equipment, the sources said.

In addition, the terrorists attempted to regain the control over the area but failed in the face of army retaliation, said the sources. Army engaged artillery at the LTTE reinforcements and caused them to turn tail with heavy casualties. Later, LTTE radio transmissions revealed that 5 more LTTE cadres were killed and 4 injured due to Army retaliation.One soldier was killed in this incident, the sources added.