9:53 AM

A destroys 03 LTTE bunkers

Three LTTE bunkers were destroyed killing at least 07 terrorists when troops responded at an LTTE offensive preparation ahead of the northern defences in Muhamalai and Killali, this morning (November 29).

SLA engaged heavy gunfire neutralizing an LTTE offensive bid at Muhamalai around 1.10a.m, destroying an LTTE bunker killing three terrorists' security sources said.

During subsequent search operations conducted troops have recovered a T-56 assault riffle, 01x magazine and 18, T-56 ammunition, the sources added.

Meanwhile, at 5.30a.m in Killali troops destroyed two LTTE bunkers killing 04 terrorists, military sources said. According to the sources, troops have recovered a T-56 assault riffle, 01 magazine, 07 hand grenades and 04 anti-personnel (AP) mines.