7:22 AM

India readies to counter LTTE threats

Against the backdrop of enhanced threat perception emanating to India's security from its vast southern coastline and sea borne intrusions, the Indian Armed Forces are planning a series of joint exercises next year in the southern peninsula.

"This is for the first time that the country's military planners are focusing on threats to the country from the southern peninsula," defence sources told the Times of India.

Frontline fighter aircraft of the Indian Air Force, along with warships from the Navy and coastguard, and Army formations dedicated to sea borne assaults would be engaged in these exercises designed to ensure safety of vital sea lanes.

The war games have also been planned to deal with threats of intrusions from air and sea lanes by terrorist groups and to deal with sea hijackings, the sources said. Though the Armed Forces had earlier repeatedly sought to play down possible threats from the LTTE for their acquisition of air assets, the series of joint military exercises are planned to cope with such attacks, the sources said.