10:25 AM

Terrorists continue to take heavy beating

Sri Lanka Army yesterday (December 24) continued to pound on the Defences of the LTTE run mono ethnic hell hole in the Island's North causing heavy damages to the terrorists. Reports from the Northern battlefronts indicate that at least 14 terrorists were killed in the yesterday clashes along the Wanni and Jaffna Forward Defence Lines (FDLs) during last 24 hours. Further, 5 soldiers were injured in the yesterday's battles and now are being treated at Vavuniya and Anuradhapura hospitals.

Troops operating along the Wanni FDL, confronted with the terrorists at several occasions both on the Vavuniya and Mannar fronts.On the Vavuniya front, troops clashed with LTTE terrorists at Pokkaravani, Kandaperumakulama, Navatkulama areas killing 10 terrorists including two LTTE regional leaders.

At Pokkaravani, clashes broke out as the terrorists launched heavy artillery and mortar attack at the security forces' defence line around 11.15, last morning. Two soldiers suffered serious injuries due to shelling and were admitted to Anuradhapura Military Hospital. Troops having located the LTTE gun positions responded with artillery fire until the terrorists ceased the shelling. Monitored LTTE radio transmissions have revealed that two terrorists' leaders were killed in the incident.

Again in the Pokkaravani area three soldiers sustained injuries as a trapped mine exploded around 4.40 on the same day evening. The soldiers were immediately evacuated to the field hospital at Vavuniya.

At Kandaperumakulama, troops ambushed LTTE infiltrators at two occasions killing six LTTE cadres last evening. In the first incident that took place around 3.30.p.m, ground troops claimed that two terrorists were killed and in the second that took place around 4.30.p.m, the same sources said that four LTTE cadres were killed. Troops suffered no own casualties in either of the incidents, the sources added.