10:25 AM

LTTE raising public funds in London

Calendars of the LTTE terrorist outfit were sold publicly by the LTTE activists in London, informed sources say. According to the sources, the calendars (A3 size cardboard) with the reddish sky background and a rising sun depicts the map of the mono ethnic 'Tamil Eelam', a Palmyra growth and a pinkish Gloriosa Lily (Botanical name - Liliaceae Glory lily) plant.

The writing on top states 'Thamil Thai Naalkaati' (Tamil mother Calendar) 2008. At the bottom it states: 'History of the Tamils, world history, and a calendar that reflects the religious and astrological matters relating to Tamils.'

The calendar (cardboard) also states publishers are: Publication Division, International Information Centre.The daily calendar sheets have come out with a coversheet. It states: Tamileelam national calendar, a primary calendar in Tamil.

The second page is editorial of the publishers. It starts by saying 'this calendar is a publication of motherland publications' and further states 'it includes our historical events'.

The third page states: 'this calendar is prepared specially for Britain' and has given the telephone number for Motherland Publishers as 00 33 134 69 96 86. In the fifth page the address of the Motherland Publishers is given: Thaimann Publications, 3 bis, Rue du Pont de Baillet, 95560 Montsoult, France. The contact email given is: thaimann@free.fr.

From the sixth page onwards the daily calendar sheets are produced. Each page consists of a section for history of the LTTE. This section is titles 'Pathivugal' (archives). When flicking through the pages, one could find pictures of dead cadres of the LTTE and descriptions of LTTE's terror activities with details.

The calendars were publicly sold on the New Years Day in front of Hindu temples in London. They were sold at œ5 to œ10 per calendar. The LTTE activists sold these calendars openly without any fear for the law that proscribed the LTTE in the UK.