3:00 PM

2,500 LTTE Cadres Killed

Security forces have been successful in eliminating about 2,517 LTTE cadres within the last three months, Military Spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara told The News-Lanka.
It is estimated that, there were around 5,000 fighting cadres in the LTTE at the beginning of this year. According to Brigadier Nanayakkara, the security forces had killed 834 LTTE fighting cadres in January and another 874 cadres were killed during February, while 678 LTTE cadres were killed last month. Another 131 LTTE cadres were killed by troops by April 4.
Brigadier Nanayakkara however claimed that although they had been successful in eliminating a large number of cadres, it did not mean that they had only a few more cadres to finish off, as there was a huge possibility that the LTTE may have commenced enlisting new recruits to its cadre base.
The total strength of the three security forces, is around 200,000. In addition to this, there are around 70,000 Police personnel in the Police Department. The Army has around 150,000 personnel, while the Navy has a strength of 30,000 members, and the Air Force has a strength of about 20,000.
The basic salary of a soldier is approximately Rs.14,000 plus a ration allowance of Rs.6,374 and cost of living allowance of Rs. 2,125.