7:09 AM

LTTE launched heavy artillery shells Murunkan hospital

Tension prevailed in Murunkan area, Mannar as LTTE launched heavy artillery shells were reported to have damaged the Murunkan government hospital today (April 01) at around 6.10 a.m.

According to available reports, a hospital building was partially damaged during the indiscriminate LTTE shell attack.Details of damages caused to civilian and properties are yet to be estimated.

It was reported that the sudden shell attack by LTTE from the un-cleared area fell, mounting tension and fear among the folks. According to defence sources in the area the explosions had caused panic and trauma among patient and civilians who were immediately evacuated by troops into safer shelters. Meanwhile, few shells have also fallen in proximity of the Murunkan government school, sources further reported.

Military sources said that the LTTE attack was launched as to create a shadow of uncertainty among the civilians and expel them from their traditional settlements.