6:31 AM

Security News

Troops engaged in offensive operation in Wanni front have captured LTTE main supply and administration base known as "Munnagam Base" located in general area north of Janakapura this morning, May 29.

LTTE terrorists have triggered off a claymore mine targeting police vehicles in the Vavuniya area this morning, May 29.

World Tamil Movement (WTM) was so powerful and influential in Canada that even it helped host Canadian Federal Finance Minister Paul Martin and International Cooperation Minister Maria Minna both of the Liberal Party to a dinner to raise funds, May 6 2000.

A journalist, the Jaffna area correspondent for Sirasa, MTV and Shakthi Tv, who had done a comprehensive coverage for the Jaffna Re-awakening trade fair and his friend were hacked to death by unidentified assassins alleged to be LTTE terrorists last evening, May 28.