9:19 AM

Tamil Tigers in Paris commemorate Balraj

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) put up posters urging the Tamil community to defy the ban on LTTE activities and participate in the meeting to commemorate the late military leader self styled ‘Brigadier’ Balraj. While the LTTE activists pasted posters in Tamil owned shops at La Chapelle in the French Capital, the police did not take any action as the traders were too scared to lodge complaints with the police.

Some moderate Tamils said that although, the police prevented the pasting of posters of EPDP social worker Ms Maheswary Velautham who was killed by the LTTE earlier this month, there was no action against the posters of Balraj.

According to legal sources, the police could not intervene without a complaint from the shop owners. When the posters of Ms Velauthan were displayed at public places in La Chapelle, pro-LTTE traders complained to the police, following which police ordered the EPDP activists not to display posters at public places without prior permission from the municipality.