12:20 AM

Video surveillance cameras in private buses

Installation ofo surveillance cameras in private buses to detect un-disciplinary activities and financial frauds has commenced.

Two such cameras were installed in two private buses plying between Colombo and Badulla. The cameras record all visual and audio information from the start to the end of the journey.

President of the Inter-provincial Bus Owners’ Association and Basnayake Nilame of the Sri Saman Devalaya in Mahiyanganaya, Ranjith Amarasinghe in whose buses the cameras were installed said the cameras also records the persons who place parcels in the buses and the exact time of such placements.

He adds that it would be possible to find out that bus crew who treat the passengers in a harmful manner and buses which are overcrowded. Mr. Amarasinghe said all buses belonging to the Sri Lanka Inter-provincial Private Bus Owners’ Association will be provided such cameras in future.


Anonymous said...

wats the point of installing cameras, b/c the army is either way goin to blame it on the tamil pppl livin in colombo