8:25 AM

32 LTTE terrorists killed

The LTTE suffered heavy defeats with soaring casualties as the outfit lost almost all the bases within the Mannar 'Rice bowl' area with the fall of Andankulama in Mannar to security forces yesterday(June 27), military sources report. According to Military Spokesperson Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara, 11 terrorists were killed in addition to 3 soldiers who were said wounded during the confrontations at Andankulama.

Troops have also gained full control over 13 square kilometers surrounding the Andankulma area, sources further said.

Also, the advancing Army battle formations have inflicted decisive blows to LTTE during multi-pronged attacks launched at LTTE fortified defence lines in general area Papamoddai, as troops confirmed at least 21 terrorists were killed in the confrontations. According to defence sources, pitched fighting were reported in Papamoddai and Neduvarampu general areas since 8a.m., which lasted till 4p.m, on Friday.

3 soldiers have received injuries, while military claimed to have uncovered another slain LTTE body along with a T-56 assault riffle following a search operation conducted in the area.