3:42 PM

Cold war hits Ranil

With a fresh coup attempt distressing United National Party (UNP) Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, the seemingly nervous UNP Leader was seeing attempting to lure party members and also approaching rebel MPs who had defected to the government, promising them plum positions if they sided with him, The Nation reliably learns.Highly-placed sources, who spoke on the condition of strict anonymity, claimed that over the past week, Wickremesinghe had been having one-to-one meetings with UNP Parliamentarians to test the waters – amidst secret closed door meetings being held elsewhere, where moves to overthrow Wickremesinghe had been discussed at length.
“Some 30 to 35 members are in support of the overthrow moves, but no one is showing their support in the open for obvious reasons,” the sources said. It is learnt that apart from Wickremesinghe and his close associates, even members of the government are trying to identify those who were heading the attempts in a bid to buy them over, but the adamant UNPers are insistent that they only want a leadership change, not a party change.The majority of the members who are fighting for the change have cited Wickremesinghe’s failure to take collective decisions as the main reason for the change, with the other reason being their loss of faith in his leadership.