8:46 AM

Pongku Tamil is finished in Italy

The hoisting of the Eelam falg at Milan was shown on the National Television of Itlay Rai Uno One, but this time there were no adulations about the oppressed Tamil people or of the illusory goal of Prabahkaran’s Eelam, but the TV commentator described the flag as the most dangerous flag symbolizes the most dangerous terrorist outfit of the world. Also announced that under the direction of the Interior Ministry, the anti terrorist outfit has swooped down in the wee hours in the morning and arrested 33 suspect of the LTTE.

The Tamilnet official organ of the LTTE announced with rejoice the manner in which the Tamils hoisted the Tiger flag in Milan, and the city with nearly 25000 Sinhalese could not resist the power of the Tamils diaspora and it also said representative of the government with about 30 others were present, but unable to do any meaningful thing to stop the meeting.

According to reports, the Sri Lanka Embassy received a call from the Tamil from the province of Reggimillia who pleaded with the Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to take steps to stop this meeting. He also said that his only daughter was forced to attend this meeting and also the LTTE collected money from them

The Sri Lanka Ambassador then spoke to the commune which has granted permission for the meeting and was informed that the permission was granted to one of the Tamil Associations registered in Reggi millia who has sought permission to hold a meeting of the alleged human rights violations in Sri Lanka. Therefore they said that they found that there was nothing wrong in granting permission.

The Ambassador then has requested to permit him to answer the allegations on behalf of the government of Sri Lanka. The Ambassador then informed every single police division including the Milan Police the carribinarie and the special anti terrorist division that a leaflet had been distributed showing the Eelam flag the emblem and the map and the photograph of Prabahkaran and the meeting ought to be banned.

He said that there is evidence that suicide bombers have arrived in Italy and is waiting for orders and that poor Tamils are constantly complaining to the embassy about the extortion.

The Ambassador assured that he has the highest respect and regard to the Italian Ministry and specifically the new minister who has publicly proclaimed that he has absolutely no sympathy for terrorists or terrorism.

Prabahkaran has been elevated by the no lesser institution than the FBI as the most ruthless terrorist organization in the World. But Sri Lanka Ambassador said that he has faith in the Italian police who will ensure that such evil bandits will have not place in Italy. As a democratic country the Ambassador said that we must give them time to investigate into the complaints.