8:52 AM

Visiting EU Official plans to help Sri Lanka

Visiting EU-China Friendship Group Secretary General Lin Gai said he will promote Sri Lanka as a destination in China and speaking to media in Colombo Mr.Gai said the friendship group wants to promote relationship in various sectors.

Replying to the media he said the Government of Sri Lanka must educate overseas people on Sri Lanka to obtain more tourist arrivals, investments and other opportunities. Mr.Lin Gai said he made his first visit to Sri Lanka and explained his Sri Lankan experience and said Sri Lanka has ideal investment opportunities.

"Most of Chinese have funds to invest in various projects. They like to invest in traditional and modern areas, he explained."Actually I want to help Sri Lanka in various ways .When I am in Brussels I will advise Chinese Embassy to look into these opportunities, he said. Speaking further he said the EU-China Friendship group promotes relationship with China. Recently EU Parliamentarian Nirj Deva had asked EU's support to help earthquake victims in Sichuan province,. China.

The EU agreed to provide 6000 tents for them. Nirj also discussed with the Ex-President of the USA Bill Clinton to support China, he said. Speaking on Sri Lanka's conflict he proposed the government must improve social and economic sectors of the un-cleared areas and it would be easy to defeat separatism from Sri Lanka.

Mr.Gai said Sri Lanka would become a rich nation within next 10 years.