12:23 PM

Kankesanturai Cement Factory Reopen Soon

Cabinet granted approval to a memorandum submitted by the Minister of Industrial Development Kumara Welgama for the recommencement of Kankesanturai Cement Factory after selecting a suitable investor to form a joint venture with the Sri Lanka Cement Corporation (SLCC) and Lanka Cement Limited (LCL).

Two cement manufacturing plants belonging to two state owned enterprises manufacturing and dealing in the sale of cement namely the Sri Lanka Cement Corporation (SLCC) & Lanka Cement Limited (LCL) coming under the purview of Ministry of Industrial Development are located in the same premises in Kankesanturai.

Production and operation of these two factories was disrupted due to the conflict and remained closed since 1990. The premises of the two factories is located within the area controlled by security forces and is being currently used by the forces.

After the closure of the two factories SLCC and LCL have been supplying cement to the market with local purchases and retaining a reasonable margin as well. They have also made arrangements to import cement from the international market.

Though the two state owned enterprises should have ideally played a dominant role in supplying cement to the market, in reality these two institutions haven't been able to achieve their objectives mainly due to the fact that cement production hasn't been recommenced.