6:42 AM

INGO's Kilinochchi Crisis

The growing humanitarian crisis in the Kilinochchi District was given special attention by the government last week at a special meeting where the plight of thousands of civilians living in the district was highlighted.
At the meeting, the dilemma facing more than 10,000 families was highlighted by government officials serving in the district.

“These Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are undergoing untold hardships without adequate facilities. They are presently staying at common places, under trees and open spaces. Rice is provided to them under the World Food Programme (WFP), but no other food items are given to them, and the IDPs have no choice but to purchase food items, other than rice. While struggling hard for money, they are forced to buy other items at exorbitant rates,” a situation report drawn up in July highlighted.
The government was also informed that electricity, water supply, sanitation and health services, internal transport facilities, agriculture and fishing activities were seriously affected.

The non-availability of the required fuel has led to a virtual paralysing of all sectors, the report further pointed out, noting that due to the present situation, no development could be carried out in the area. The report also highlighted that the entire responsibility with regard to the security of public officers lay with the state.
“The government officers and officers of the INGOs and NGOs are travelling without any security measures and with fear of claymore mines,” the report noted.

It also highlighted that the killings of Assistant Government Agent of Thunukkai, Nagalingam Nanthakuma on June 29 and Santhalingam Vimalakumar, who was the Development Assistant in Kachcheri, Kilinochchi have further fuelled fears amongst the government and other organisation officials.

The government was also informed that during the month of July, due to shelling and the aerial attack in Poonakary, Karachchi and Kandawalai, one person was killed and five others were injured.
“Those affected by the displacement are suffering mentally and physically endlessly,” the report stated.