8:02 AM

Canadian Tamil Diaspora meets Dr Palitha Kohona

An exclusive meeting with Sri Lanka Foreign Secretary Dr. Palitha Kohona was arranged by the Canadian Democratic Tamil Cultural Association at Scarborough Civic Centre. President of the Association, Dr. Rajendran, in his welcome speech, made reference to the problems of the Tamil Diaspora, which has been threatened and intimidated by the LTTE.

He also brought out that the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) needs to address the problems of Tamils living in Sri Lanka and to find a solution acceptable to all communities living in Sri Lanka, within the framework of the Sri Lankan Constitution.

Dr. Kohona in his brief addres, said that the GoSL very clearly understands the plight of Sri Lankan Tamils and is taking all appropriate steps to find a amicable settlement to the Tamil issue. He also pointed out that we should also take account of this sensitive issue which has to get an approval from the majority community, so that it can be settled smoothly.

Dr. Kohona also said that the process for a settlement is on, and one should understand it needs time to settle a conflict that has been existing for 25 years. While referring to the Army’s advancement in the north, he said that the GoSL has taken every possible measure to avoid civilian causalities, which is also one of the reasons our military advance is so slow, just for the simple reason to safeguard its citizens.

He also noted that the Government followed the very same step in the Eastern province too and said that most of the displaced people in the East have returned and the rehabilitation process is in full swing.

After his speech, some of the participant raised questions about the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, to which Dr. Kohona said that it was already in the Constitution and was only a matter of implementation.

He also said that very soon the north will be also cleared of terrorists, so that the people of the north will be able to enjoy the same freedom and democracy which their eastern and southern brothers and sisters enjoy now. Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Toronto Bandula Jayasekara also participated in the event.