7:25 AM

LTTE and Big Brother

According to news reports of the 10th of September 2008, our air force has said that the lack of 3D radar has put the country in jeopardy and they are bitter about India forcing us to install their 2D radar that cannot see the height of the aircraft above the ground. They bitterly complain that if they had 3D radar that the Chinese were willing to provide, but was vetoed by India they could have easily destroyed the LTTE aircraft after it landed at the end of its bombing mission. On the basis of the comments of the air force the only conclusion we can come to is that India was protecting the LTTE. That is what she did when our men were marooned in Jaffna and India refused to help us with multi-barrel rocket launchers. It was Pakistan who supplied us with the hardware that enabled our forces to regain their foothold in Jaffna so that we could eventually liquidate the LTTE.

Let me remind Mr. Narayanan that it was India that created the LTTE with the object of getting it to destabilize our country so that India could invade and at a convenient moment annex our country by proclamation but what Velupillai Prabakaran was made to understand was that India would invade, create Eelam and then go back. We will never forget the arrogant behavior of the Indians living in the West towards the Sri Lankans virtually telling us that we have been reduced to the level of colonial subjects of India.

The sudden make-believe realization that India had catapulted itself to the level of a colonial master intoxicated them and they treated Prabakaran with contempt after having made use of him. For that India paid the most humiliating price in front of the world when Prabakaran single handed defeated the third largest army in the world. Not satisfied with that, he went further and got the Indian Prime Minister killed. With all that India is still backing Prabakaran in the hope that one day in the future he will destabilize Sri Lanka and India will have another opportunity for another IPKF. India can live in eternal hope. We have no problems with that.

Mr. Narayanan should brace himself to the fact that our defence forces will soon disobey his orders and install Chinese 3D radar and dismantle the Indian radar. Without ordering us to buy Indian military hardware it may be an idea for India also to buy the superior Chinese 3D radar to defend herself not only against Pakistan but against China herself.