9:05 AM

Tiger plane shot down

Sri Lanka Air Force plane shot down a Tiger small aircraft and successfully downed it. Reports revealed that the Sri Lankan Air force jets shot down a Tamil Tiger plane after the rebels launched a pre-dawn bombing raid on Vavuniya Security Forces Headquarters.

Sri Lanka Air Force Fighter jet conducted their First Air to Air Combat today morning in Mullativu sky and shot down Tiger Air Craft said Sri Lanka Air Force Commander Air Vice Marcel Roshan Gunathilake.

Today morning around 3.30 A.M., LTTE had fired artillery from east of A9 road to Vavuninya Security forces Headquarters at the same time they took off their air craft’s which was immediately indicated in the radar and Sri Lanka Air Force F7 fighter jet belongs to Squadron 5 took off from Kaatunayake and flew over Mullativu air and intercepted Tiger Air Craft and shot it down.

Air force information revealed that radar picked up three Tiger planes and soon after at least one bombed a military base in Vavuniya.

This is the seventh air raid by the Tigers since they began flying a small fleet of Czech-made Zlin-143 aircraft in March 2007.

The last Tiger air attack wounded 10 sailors after a bombing run on the strategic eastern port of Trincomalee in August.