10:58 AM

Pranks of Dr. Jayalath Jayawardene to involve the Vatican to prevent the army advancing to Kilinochchi are doomed. Instead of appealing to Tigers to stop killing civilians Jayawardene one time distributed sirens to the border villagers, who believed that turning the wheel will protect them from tigers. This is a kind of gimmick that is practiced by him in order to win the sympathy of both sections of the community are legion. Once he tried to enter Madu and was prevented by the LTTE.

Today, Madu Sacred Shrine is liberated by the Army. Instead of thanking the army for liberating Madu he became a self-appointed spokesman of the Catholic Bishops Conference and started clowning before television about what the Bishops said or did not said before Sri Lanka President, until such time he was cautioned by responsible members of the team not to get involved and the Bishops are able to handle it themselves.

Before he entered politics he was running around behind many politicians to gain access to the UNP. Once he was bending and stooping over Ranasinghe Premadasa and trying to open the door of the Presidents limousine. Premadasa being astute and a crafty politician inquired from Sirisena Cooray whether this man was a real doctor or from Anton Jayasooriyas acupuncture university. Now he is crying unashamedly for the innocent Tamils who are fleeing from the clutches of the terrorist. He is hell-bent in stopping Sri Lankan Army from capturing Kilinochchi. As he knows that once Kilinochchi is captured he and his leader have no political future in the country.

His latest gimmick is to go to Rome to prevent the inevitable happening and dashing his hopes to become Minister of Health of future UNP government. So he thought he would wield his influence to obtain a statement from his Holiness the Pope to stop the army advancing to Killinocchi and liberating the Tamils.

But this time he will not be as lucky as the Vatican will not get involved in his diatribes against the government and being a self-proclaimed liberator of the Tamils. It is said that even the Tamils do not take this man seriously.

He may have to present his petition to the doorman of the Vatican but his expectations of the Vatican to support the terrorist movement who had killed more Tamil civilians than any other institution will not have any mercy from the Vatican. It is interesting to note Vatican has changed its position and continuously publishing articles against the recruitment of child soldiers. The Italian government is also has been extremely strict and following the terrorist every nook and corner to prevent Italian soil being soiled by the activities. So, Dr. Jayawardene may have to come to Rome and to pay penance for all the sins he has committed in placating the terrorist.