6:07 AM

India should put a stop to activities of Tamil Tiger proxy TNA

Several leading Tamil political analysts and university dons expressed surprise at India’s attitude of tolerance towards Tamil National Alliance (TNA), which is a proxy of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a terrorist organization banned in India. They said that it is a pity that India, instead of exposing these subversive elements, encourages them to mobilise Indian public opinion against the democratically elected government of Sri Lanka.

"How is it that India is tolerating anti Sri Lankan government campaign nurtured and conducted by TNA parliamentarians?" they asked. "New Delhi is well aware of the fact that TNA is a proxy political party of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, which is a terrorist outfit that has been banned in India since 1992 and any direct or indirect help to TNA tantamount to helping the killers of Rajiv Gandhi."

The TNA parliamentarians are provided with visas to enter especially the state of Tamil Nadu and to conduct anti-Sri Lanka Government political activities. Since of late, TNA Parliamentarians with patronage from the Tamil Nadu state government are involved in planning and participating in protest rallies and campaigns against the Government of Sri Lanka. It is also alleged they are contributing huge amounts of money to various political parties as well as to numerous Tamil language dailies, weekly publication to carry their anti- Sri Lanka Government campaigns in Tamil Nadu.

"India should encourage Sri Lankan efforts to eliminate terrorists and to liberate the Northern Tamils from the grip of the LTTE," they pointed out. “Sri Lanka government has already restored democracy in the east and the Tamils in the North also eagerly waiting for these rights. Why Indian Government is not taking any actions against these TNA Members of Parliament for making use of the Indian soil to aid, abet a proscribed terrorist organization?” the analysts asked.

Tamil National Alliance parliamentarians are participating in protest rallies against Sri Lanka as well as they are allowed address public meetings to propagate and glorify terrorism. “By doing so, India is denying the democratic rights and freedoms to the Tamil people in the North”.

Families of number of TNA Members of Parliament namely M K Shivajilingam MP, Adaikalanathan MP, Mavai Senathirajah MP are allowed to live in Tamil Nadu and these MPs as well as other Tamil MP’s who represent the LTTE in proxy are allowed to freely conduct anti- Sri Lankan Government political campaign.

Since of late the presence of TNA parliamentarians and their political activities have increased in Tamil Nadu and they openly participate in the hate campaigns against Sri Lanka whipping up anti-Sri Lankan sentiments.

It is noted that State Government of Tamil Nadu, which is responsible for maintenance of law and order in the state, have failed to take any actions against these parliamentarians.

Furthermore, several Sri Lankan Tamil Members of Parliaments have participated in the events organized even by the Tamil Nadu state government leaders. The noteworthy one was the human chain demonstration recently conceived and organized by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Now it is learnt that two Sri Lankan Tamil MPs sympathetic to the Tamil Tigers are in New Delhi to meet political leaders as part of their efforts to bring about a ceasefire in their country.