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Fetch rting for Sri Lanka Banks

It is imperative for savers to find out from an independent third party the default risk of the fixed income investment prior to investing any money. In the absence of ratings, they will have to make their investment decision purely based on reputation and historical financial information of the borrower that may have little bearing to future financial condition of the borrower. Although various investments are sold using the word “guaranteed”, the borrower itself cannot give a guarantee, only a financially strong third party can give a guarantee.
  • National Savings Bank AAA(lka)
  • HSBC Sri Lanka Branch AAA(lka)
  • Standard Chartered Bank AAA(lka)
  • Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC AA+(lka)
  • Bank of Ceylon AA(lka)
  • DFCC Bank AA(lka)
  • National Development Bank(NDB) PLC AA(lka)
  • Sampath Bank PLC AA-(lka)
  • DFCC Vardhana Bank AA-(lka)
  • Hatton National Bank PLC AA-(lka)
  • Central Finance Company PLC A+(lka)
  • Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation Ltd A+(lka)
  • Abans (Pvt) Limited A(lka)
  • Lanka Orix Leasing Company PLC A(lka)
  • Nations Trust Bank PLC A(lka)
  • People’s Bank A-(lka)
  • Seylan Bank PLC BBB+(lka)
  • Union Bank of Colombo Limited BB+(lka)
  • Edirisinghe Trust Investments Limited B+(lka)
  • Vallibel Finance Ltd. B+(lka)