8:22 PM

Sri Lanka Army Recaptures Iranamadu Junction and Paranthan

Troops of the Army's 57 Division liberated the Iranamadu Junction this morning (Jan 01) hot on the heels of the liberation of Paranthan by Task Force I troops, according to defence sources.

Troops of the Army's Task Force 1 captured the key LTTE garrison of Paranthan early this morning (January 1), taking control of Paranthan Junction and its surrounding areas, according to defence sources. This is the first time in a decade that the area has come under Government control.

CNN Report:

Sri Lanka's army said Thursday it had recaptured the northern town of Paranthan, bringing government troops within 3 km (2 miles) of the onetime power center of the Tamil Tiger rebel movement.
Paranthan is located on a highway connecting the northern Jaffna Peninsula to the country's mainland, about 575 km (360 miles) north of Colombo and 2.5 miles from Kilinochchi -- until recently the rebel capital. The captured town lies between Kilinochchi to the south and the Elephant Pass, which remains a rebel stronghold, to the north.
The Tigers ran a parallel administration from Kilinochchi with their own police force, courts, prisons and taxes. After government troops launched a new push against the rebels in the fall, the separatists moved their nerve center and logistics bases to the Mullaitivu district, on the northeastern coast.
Sri Lankan troops have been on the outskirts of Kilinochchi for more than a month. Army sources told CNN there was heavy fighting between troops and rebels Wednesday as troops tried to cross the A-9 highway, which links the peninsula to Colombo.
"When we break through and move further, it could be a terrible blow to the rebels," one source added