8:33 AM

IDPs camps running out of funds

Menik Farm camps which house over 250, 000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) will soon be confronted with a massive crisis, as humanitarian agencies are allegedly running out of funds allocated for food supply, a local NGO source in Vavuniya said. Zone 3, where those who crossed over to the government controlled areas in the early stages of the conflict are kept, will be the first centre to be affected due to the scarcity of food, according to the source.

“NGOs are mandated to provide IDPs with food only for a particular period of time. Some donors have already stopped passing funds. So, although IDPs in Zone 3 are provided with dry rations, they no longer provide complimentary items,” the source said. Other zones will also soon be confronted with the same issue unless redemptive measures are taken, he said.
He confided that donors were generally reluctant to provide funding for food supplies. “They are more interested in engaging in the resettlement process”.