9:24 AM

Rajapakse has spent more than Rs.13 million

The ‘Media Meeting’ organized by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party- Mahajana Wing headed by Mr. Mangala Samaraweera was held on Today (22). This is a short summary of some of the key points that were discussed during the meeting.

In the face of certain electoral defeat the government is stepping up Mugabe-style tactics to disrupt the common candidate’s campaign. The tactics that have been used have been deplorable and sad, while the police have done nothing to curb such actions. The government and its followers have used methods such as intimidation, death threats and assaults to discourage the UNF from carrying out its successful convention in Matara. All these attempts have failed in the face of our resoluteness. We in fact carried out one of the most successful conventions of all time. President Mahinda Rajapakse is now loosing ground in the whole Southern province.

On 19th December some young activists who were engaged in putting up street signs in Matara town for the Matara District convention were attacked by a group of armed thugs who traveled in a white Toyota Prado and who also shot rounds in to the air. Last night (21st of December) the UNF office that is situated at the ancestral home of Mr. Mangala Samaraweera was attacked by a group of thugs. They shot at a large banner of the UNF leaders and removed all the decorations in the area. Other cutouts throughout the Matara town were taken out and then left in front of the home of the Opposition Leader of the Southern Province. This was all happening under the eyes of the police officers who were there to ‘protect’ the cutouts of President. Even though we have lodged complaints against the parties who have committed these crimes, no action has yet been taken. In due time we will take all the necessary actions against both the perpetrators of these crimes and the police officials who have turned a blind-eye to them. We have reason to believe that the vehicles of Mr. Anura Gunarathne, who is a PC Minister, and Mr. Dilshan Gunesekara were used during these attacks. Furthermore, we believe that the Commanding Officer of Matara army camp, Captain Baratha Kodithuwakku, was responsible for planning some of these attacks.

We have to acknowledge the clear statement made by the Election Commissioner against the President’s habit of feedings thousands of individuals just before an election, and we want to thank him for such a statement. According to the receipts sent by Fingara Town and Country Club (caterers for the President) to Temple Trees, the total bill for feeding thousands of guests has been Rs. 13 million just in the last four months. Furthermore, we would like to ask the President how he has acquired these funds to feed so many people, especially on a public servants salary. We also request the President to divulge his personal assets as Sarath Fonseka has done.