9:44 AM

Amnesty International Friday LTTE attack

The Government of Sri Lanka and the Amnesty International expressed their condolence to the families of the bus attack victims who lost their lives in the terrorist attack at Buttala. Issuing a statement Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayake said it is barbaric attack targeting civilians.
The Amnesty International condemned the targeting of civilians in the ongoing conflict in Sri Lanka and urged the concerned parties to abide by the international laws. In a news release, it listed a number of incidents, which has led to the deaths of innocent civilians in the recent past.

"These indiscriminate attacks are brutal. The victims are overwhelmingly people who are trying to go about their everyday lives; living in fear of attacks at any time, with the added untold suffering this brings to their relatives. The total disregard for the safety of civilians is completely indefensible," it said.