8:46 AM

TRC brings in rules for mobile and CDMA phones

In order to ensure public security, the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) has issued a set of procedures that need to be adhered to when using mobile and CDMA telephones. Failure to follow the procedures would result in severe punishment under existing laws, the TRCSL said.
The following instructions have been issued in this connection:
Vendor Licenses:
In terms of the provisions of the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Act, No. 25 of 1991, as amended by the Act, No. 27 of 1996, no person shall by way of trade, manufacture, import, sell, offer for sale, deal, transfer, hire, lease, demonstrate, maintain or repair any telecommunications apparatus, except under the authority of a licence issued by the Commission.
The public are hereby advised to purchase any telecommunication apparatus or to get any service from Vendors who have been authorized to do so.
SIM Cards
In future all mobile service providers, Dealers and Sub Dealers should check the photograph of the Identity Card of the subscriber whom the SIM Card is to be issued. SIM Cards should only be sold after ensuring the identity of the person according to the photograph of the identity card.
Further if any dealer feels the photograph appearing in the identity card is different from the present physical appearance, the SIM card and the connection should be issued only after obtaining a new certified photograph of the subscriber.
The subscriber who legally possesses the SIM Card should not allow any other person to use it.
If a subscriber with a legal SIM card requires to transfer it to another person, he/she should follow the procedure of obtaining a new mobile connection in cooperation with the respective mobile service provider.
Various corporate packages used presently by different institutions, under the name of those institutions should in future maintain those connections under their individual user's names.
The subscriber who carries a mobile telephone should keep with him a certified copy of the letter issued by the operator for inspection/identification to prove the ownership of the SIM Card.
The Ministry of Defense, Public Security, Law and Order is making arrangements to issue directions to armed forces, police, and other security institutions to carry out the following inspection check points under their purview.
(a) Evidence to prove that the respective SIM Card is allocated to the Subscriber by the relevant service provider. (This has to be checked with the certificate issued by the relevant Mobile Operator).