7:42 AM

29 civilians seek protection with security forces

A total of 29 Tamil civilians from the non-liberated areas at Mullaittiuvu and Kilinochchi Districts have sought protection with security forces yesterday (Aug 27) at Pulmoddai (Eastern coast) and Iluppaikkadavai (Western coast) military detachments.

According to military, 17 civilians including 3 women, 2 girls, a boy and 11 men were among those who had arrived at the coast of Pulmoddai, in a fiberglass boat at 2p.m. The civilians have fled due to unprecedented hardships experienced in the hands of LTTE, including forced abductions and fear of child conscription by the outfit who are running blank of fighting cadres.

Earlier, on Wednesday, 10 more Tamil civilians had arrived at Pulmoddai and sought protection with security forces, according to military reports received.

In addition, 2 more civilians found protection with troops at the newly liberated Iluppaikkadavai area in the Western Wanni battlefront, at around 8.45a.m.