8:44 AM

Fair and Free Elections: A Reply to Ambassador

The elections to the North Central and the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Councils have been held and it is reported that there were no major incidents of falsification. The actual results, specially the manner in which the elections were held is a sharp reply to the American Ambassador’s statement made recently that “the United States is interested in assuring a free and fair election” and he further added that “The United States takes a strong interest in free and fair elections around the world including here in S ri Lanka”.

The Hon American Ambassador must understand that people in glass houses should not throw stones. It is sad that he has forgotten that his own master, the Hon President of the United States of America has stolen his Presidentship not once in 2000 but also in 2004.

The facts are that when one considers how George W. Bush crept into the White House in 2000 through a decision by the Supreme Court Judges and not by the votes of the people and again how the Electronic Voting Machines voted him into power in 2004 no American has any right to advise any other country on holding free and fair elections.

The manner in which the 2000 election was “won” was a first time where the counting of ballots was stopped by an order of the Supreme Court and timed in such a manner that George W. Bush had to be bestowed with the Presidency. It is a strange manner and it is hoped that no other democratic country will copy it to the detriment of democracy. Our Ambassador should remember this fact. I will repeat my own words:

“Every election, anywhere is likely to have a certain degree of corruption. Instances of impersonation do happen. Then there are the more serious – rigging, ballot boxes being stuffed with ballots, ballot boxes being stolen or burnt. But this is the first time I have heard of the Judiciary usurping the rights of the people and I hope this will be the last”(From “The Administrative Bungling that Hijacked the 2000 US Presidential Election,” (The University Press of America) x1)