8:08 AM


Dr. R.A.D.B. Samaranayake , Director of Coast Conservation Department said that legal authority has been taken to demolish all the unauthorized buildings , built in the coastal area.

Now , already 200 unauthorized buildings have been identified and informed the owners of the buildings to demolish immediately. If the requests are not complied with , those buildings will be demolished by the government with the assistance of the Police of that region and the cost will be recovered from the owners.

According to this , about 14 unauthorized buildings have been demolished in the Negombo coastal area last week. Those buildings were blocking the access to the beach for the fishermen and the hotel.

8:00 AM

Security increased for first test in Kandy

An additional police force of 400 has been deployed in the vicinity of Asgiriya international cricket grounds and the Kandy town to ensure security for the first test between Sri Lanka and England tomorrow. Extra security has also been given to the hotels where the players are staying according to police sources.