7:56 PM

SLAF raided LTTE suicide training base


Sri Lanka Air Force supersonic fighter jets raided an LTTE suicide training facility located at Puthukkudiyiruppu in the Mullaittivu area this evening, January 31.

The air sorties were carried out at 5.10 p.m and the targeted LTTE base was located in a jungle patch at Kaivelikulam, 4Km northwest of Puthukkudiyiruppu in Mullaittivu.

The Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Andy Wijesooriya said that the targeted LTTE base was identified as a specialized training facility which provides training for the LTTE's suicide cadres. The target was achieved on information gathered through the intelligence sources and air surveillances conducted for a long period of time, spokesperson further said.

5:53 PM

An LTTE suicide bomber has exploded himself


An LTTE suicide bomber has exploded himself targeting innocent Tamil civilians at Thirunaweli in Jaffna this morning, January 31. According to the defence sources the suicide bomber had arrived at location riding a bicycle and exploded himself around 11.20 a.m.

Three people have been killed on the spot and seventeen others have suffered injuries. The victims have been rushed to the Jaffna hospital with the assistance of security forces personnel. According the sources received from Jaffna hospital, seven victims are in critical condition.

Military spokesperson Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara speaking to the media said that this is a cowardly attempt by the terrorists to instill a fear psychosis among the Tamil civilians living in Jaffna Peninsula.

He said that increasing civilian support to the security forces' to fight terrorism has agitated LTTE terrorists. Also, he highlighted the incident as a clear indication of the bogus nature of the liberator semblance that LTTE have been trying to create for itself.


10:55 AM

Recovered 280 more bullet proof jackets


Medawachchiya police who arrested two suspects attempting to smuggle 68 bullet proof jackets by lorry during a raid at Medawachchiya yesterday evening, conducted further inquiries on information provided by the suspects and recovered 280 more jackets from an abandoned house in Anuradhapura town, today.


2:39 PM

Fighter jets and army-gunners pound LTTE gun positions

Sri Lanka Army artillery and Air Force fighter jets pounded LTTE gun positions located in the Kalmunai Point (K- point) area North of Paranthan this morning (January 28). According to the defence sources, the attack was launched in retaliation to the terrorists' artillery shelling at the Jaffna peninsula around 10.a.m.

Sri Lanka Army responded to the attack with heavy artillery and multi-barrel rocket fire. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets launched from Katunayake air base raided enemy gun positions with repeated air sorties around 11.45.a.m. The Air Force sources said that the air raids were successful.

According to the defence sources in the area there were no casualties or damages caused by LTTE artillery fire.

8:25 AM

Bunker burster bomb

The X-ray base is located far from civilian settlements — it is about 10 to 15 km from Killinochchi town and the Tigers have effected strict access control in the area due to the presence of the Iranamadhu air strip and other military facilities. According to government defence officials it is one of the many Tiger ‘high security zones.’

"At 11.30 a.m. and at 5.20 p.m. on Wednesday and again at 6.45 a.m. on Thursday, Sri Lankan Air Force dropped more than 16 bombs over the Ambalahama forest area damaging around 10 hectares of forest land," the Tigers said of the bombings.

The defence establishment was abuzz on January 24 with reports that heavy casualties were caused by the attack. The pilots of the jets had confirmed that the targets were hit. The injured Tiger cadres from the attack had been rushed to the Killinoch- chi hospital. The unverified intel report said that members from the Imran Pandiyan unit of the Tigers that is tasked with the personal security of the Tiger leader was hit in the attack.

Banker Burster bomb

The GBU 28 "Bunker Buster" was put together in record time to support targeting of the Iraqi hardened command bunker by adapting existing materiel. The GBU-28 was not even in the early stages of research when Kuwait was invaded. The USAF asked industry for ideas in the week after combat operations started. Work on the bomb was conducted in research laboratories including the the Air Force Research Laboratory Munitions Directorate located at Eglin AFB, Florida and the Watervliet Armory in New York. The bomb was fabricated starting on 1 February, using surplus 8-inch artillery tubes as bomb casings because of their strength and weight.

The official go-ahead for the project was issued on 14 February, and explosives for the initial units were hand-loaded by laboratory personnel into a bomb body that was partially buried upright in the ground. The first two units were delivered to the USAF on 16 and 17 February, and the first flight to test the guidance software and fin configuration was conducted on 20 February. These tests were successful and the program proceeded with a contract let on 22 February. A sled test on 26 February proved that the bomb could penetrate over 20 feet of concrete, while an earlier flight test had demonstrated the bomb's ability to penetrate more than 100 feet of earth. The first two operational bombs were delivered to the theater on 27 February.

The Air Force produced a limited quantity of the GBU-28 during Operation Desert Storm to attack multi-layered, hardened underground targets. Only two of these weapons were dropped in Desert Storm, both by F-111Fs. One weapon hit its precise aimpoint, and the onboard aircraft video recorder displayed an outpouring of smoke from an entrance way approximately 6 seconds after impact. After Operation Desert Storm, the Air Force incorporated some modifications, and further tested the munition. The Fy1997 budget request contained $18.4 million to procure 161 GBU-28 hard target penetrator bombs.

4:38 PM

Lorry with 39,000 packets of high protein food


A truck belonging to the "Trico" Terminal Private Limited company transporting 39,000 packets of high protein "PB100 compact Fera Pheutical" food was stopped by the Medawachchiya road block around 9.00 in the night on Saturday (26).

The consignment belonging to the World Food Program was being transported to Vavuniya Area when it was stopped at the road block.

Medawachchiya Police are conducting investigations.


9:14 AM

SLAF Bombs LTTE transport base

Air force jet aircraft bombed a LTTE transport base 2km south West of Depot Junction, Selvanagar, Killinochchi.SLAF supersonic fighter jets raided an LTTE transport base located at Kilinochchi area this morning, January 25.

According to the Air Force sources, air sorties were conducted at 7.30 a.m and the targeted LTTE base located at 2Km south west of depot junction in Selvanagar, Kilinochchi.

The air raid was launched based on precious information received through intelligence sources and air surveillances conducted for a long period, Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Andy Wijesooriya further said.

8:39 AM

50 LTTE cadres tracked in india

Police in Tamil Nadu have intensified efforts to track down more than 50 hardcore LTTE cadres from the North who are hiding in southern Tamil Nadu.

The hunt is being undertaken by the Q branch of the Tamil Nadu police, which has already tracked down and arrested 10 LTTEers.

Their biggest catch is Thambidurai Padmanabhan, a member of the LTTE's intelligence wing arrested last week in Chennai. Police believe that other Tiger cadres are working with him to carry out attacks in India and Sri Lanka, including those targeting Minister Douglas Devananda and the EPRLF's Vartharajah Perumal.

Surveillance has been increased at Chennai airport and coastal districts for the LTTE suspects. Detectives are monitoring flights to Colombo, Paris, London and Frankfurt. Q branch personnel are manning immigration counters with the names of nearly 50 Sri Lankan Tamils.

1:07 PM

Was Prabakaran at bombed location?


The Air Force says there was strong speculation that LTTE leader Vellupillai Prabakaran was at the location in Killinochchi which came under an air raid this morning. Air Force Spokesperson Wing Commander Andi Wijesoriya said “we heard about this and are awaiting confirmation.”


12:56 PM

SLAF fighters raid LTTE


SLAF fighter jets raided a strategically important LTTE base this morning (January 23) during low diving missions conducted East of Iranamadu Tank at Kalamadukulam in Kilinochhci, at 11.15 a.m.

According to Air Force Spokesperson Wing Commander Andi Wijesoriya, the air sorties were carried out with pinpoint accuracy on information obtained through real-time air surveillance and ground reconnaissance.

The target identified as X-Ray base was located in a thick jungle patch in LTTE's claimed 'high military zone' and 'Intel' reports confirm it to be the hub of LTTE activities in Kilinochchi, the sources said.

The sources also revealed that it has been a regular visiting site of a high profile LTTE terrorist.

Earlier, LTTE's political mouth piece Thamilchevan was also killed in a similar pinpoint air strike on 02nd November, 2007.

The SL Defence Secretary Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa earlier stated during a press interview following the killing of Thamilchelvan that, security forces would continue to take on the LTTE leadership as their whereabouts were no secret to the intelligence services.


3:28 PM

Two soldiers injured


Two soldiers were reported injured when they came under an LTTE gunfire attack while been engaged in an extensive search operation, at Sirinandapura north east of Kithulkotte in Thanamalwila today (January 22) at 12.30.p.m.

The latest incident was reported within a day following the gun down of three Police personnel in a road picket, at Aliwanguwa junction in Kithulkotte along the Thanamalwila- Monaragala road.

According to Military spokesperson Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara, a soldier received minor injures while another wounded was admitted to the general hospital at Hambantota.

Further search operations are underway in the area, the spokesperson said.


7:29 AM

Three Police personnel killed in LTTE attack

Three Police personnel a Sub- Inspector and two constables were shot dead by LTTE terrorists this evening (January 21) during a road picket at Aliwanguwa junction in Kithulkotte along the Thanamalwila- Monaragala road at 8.20.p.m, Thanamalwila Police said.

According to latest reports, the bodies of the slain Police personnel were brought to the general Hospital at Thanamalwila, while security forces tightened security in the area.

8:30 PM

Troops foil LTTE infiltration attempts

Security forces foiled consecutive attempts by LTTE elements to breach the SLA defence lines at Palaikkuli, Chettikkulama and Janakapura in Wanni, today (January 21) killing five terrorists, area security sources said.

Ground sources said, SLA snipers killed two terrorists in attempts made to infiltrate the defences at 10.15.a.m. Separately, around 11.45 this morning another terrorist was killed sniped ahead of the SLA defences.

In general area Palaikkuli, around 1.40.p.m. a terrorist was reported killed when troops fired at, foiling the LTTE attempt to breach the Army defences.

Meanwhile, during a search operation conducted at Palaikkuli general area security forces recovered 18 anti-personnel (AP) mines, Mannar military sources said.

According to military reports, a terrorist was killed when troops launched an offensive at an LTTE bunker defence, at North of Janakapura, Welioya at 3.50.p.m.

7:23 AM

Electricity restored following breakdown

Electricity was restored to most parts of the country a short while ago following an island wide power failure experienced since early this morning owing to what was initially believed to be a technical fault.


6:02 AM

Island wide power failure

An island wide power failure is being experienced since early this morning. Initial reports suggested the power failure was following a system fault at the Kotmale power grid.


5:04 PM

22 terrorists killed in yesterday's

Military reports received from Jaffna and Wanni Defences in the Island's North indicated that 22 terrorists were killed during several clashes erupted between SL Army and LTTE yesterday (January 19).

In the Jaffna Theater of battle, troops stationed on the Kilaly frontline came under mortar fire around 4.45 , last morning. 01 soldier was killed in the incident. Troop retaliated and suppressed the terrorists' indirect fire.

On the Nagarkovil front, troops attacked LTTE bunkers at two separate occasions. The first strike was launched around 10.a.m and the ground sources confirmed that 01 terrorists bunker was destroyed following the attack. The second incident took place around 7.20.p.m. Ground troops confirmed that 01 LTTE bunker was destroyed. LTTE radio transmissions have later confirmed that 01 LTTE cadre was killed and 02 others injured in the attack. Also, 01 soldier suffered injuries due to terrorists' retaliatory fire.

Separately, troops stationed in the Nagarkovil area detected five LTTE boats around 7.30.p.m and engaged artillery fire at them.On the Muhamalai front, troops confirmed that 02 LTTE bunkers destroyed in an attack launched around 8.30, last night.

On the Wanni theatre of battle, SL army continued its multi pronged attack at the terrorists' defences on the Vavuniya, Mannar and Welioya areas.On the Vavuniya front, troops stationed in Vilattikulama confronted with a group of terrorists around 10, last morning. Ground troops confirmed that 04 terrorists were killed in the incident.

At Mullikulama, troops attacked a group terrorists detected in the area around 7.p.m. Ground troops confirmed 03 terrorists killed. Also, 02 soldiers suffered injuries in the attack.

In similar incident at Kallikulama, troops confirmed that 01 terrorist was killed around 5.30.p.m.On the Mannar front, LTTE terrorists attempted to regain the control over newly formed army defences in the Chettikulama area around 4.a.m. Troops successfully foiled the terrorist attack causing heavy losses to LTTE. Monitored LTTE radio transmission has revealed that 04 terrorists were killed and 09 injured in the incident. Also , 02 soldiers suffered injuries and were rushed to immediate medical attention.

Later on the same day morning, troops marched ahead from their positions in Chettikulama and destroyed 02 fortified trenches belonging to the LTTE. LTTE radio transmission has confirmed that 06 terrorists were killed and 10 others wounded in this incident. No casualties reported to own troops.

Meanwhile, Snipers deployed in the Karampaikkulam, Chettikulama, and Palaikkuli areas reported that 03 terrorists were gunned down with in the course of day.

On the Welioya front, troops confronted with LTTE around 12.40.p.m .01 soldier suffered injuries and 01 went on mission in the incident. Terrorists' casualties are not known.


8:55 AM

Civilians killed by LTTE

9 bodies were found by the military in Ambegama, close to Thanamalvilla. The bodies are yet to be identified.

7:46 AM

LTTE terrorists attacked civilians in remote village

A group of LTTE terrorists attacked civilians at Kalawalgala, a remote village in the Thanamalwila area around 10, last night (Jan 17). According to defence sources, three civilians were killed and three others including one home guard sustained injuries in the attack. The injured are being treated at Hambanthota and Thanamalwila hospitals, the sources said.

8:48 PM

17 terrorists killed in yesterday's

Military reports from the Northern battlefronts indicate that army has inflicted considerable losses upon the terrorists during yesterday's (January 16) clashes.

In the Jaffna theatre, army infantrymen deployed along the Kilaly front confronted with a group of terrorists around 11.45, last night. Ground troops confirmed that 02 terrorists were killed in the incident.

Meanwhile, snipers deployed on the Kilaly defence line claimed that one more terrorist was shot down around 3.40.p.m. On the Muhamalai front, another terrorist was reported killed by the snipers around 2.30.p.m

11:53 AM

Troops confront with LTTE group

Troops launched an operation in the general area Weliara east bank, 1 Km south of Kehelwatte, confronted with a group of terrorists this morning at 9.15 am (17 January). Troops were tracking the terrorists' withdrawal roots when they came under LTTE fire.

According to the defence sources one soldier received injuries during the confrontation and the injured was rushed for immediate medical attention. Further, Media Centre for National security says that troops are still on pursuit of the withdrawing terrorists.

10:53 AM

Injured fired upon in Okkampitiya

Acting Medical Superintendent of the Moneragala hospital Dr. Janaka Prasad said that the dead and the injured of the Okkampitiya blast had been shot by an unidentified group seconds after the blast.

10:41 AM

Another blast in Buththala

A bomb targeting a Unicorn vehicle of the SL Army on the Buththala Katharagama Road exploded a while ago this morning.

10:40 AM

Uva Province schools will be closed

Chief Minister of Uva Province Vijithamuni Soysa just announced that all the Uva Province schools will be closed indefinitely following the Okkampitiya blast. According to reports three school children were among the dead from the blast.

9:22 AM

A Bomb has exploded in Weli Ara

A bomb has exploded in a CTB bus in Weli Ara in Okkampitiya, in the Buttala police division. The total number of deaths due to the blast in a CTB bus in Okkampitiya has risen to 23.


LTTE terrorists have carried out a cowardly bomb blast targeting innocent school children at Okkampitiya, Monaragala this morning (16 January).According to the available information the bus belongs to Wellavaya depot which was plying from Buttala to Okkampitiya with large number of school children has been targeted in the explosion.

Police sources said that the terrorists have exploded claymore mine targeting the bus and subsequently opened fire at the survivors. The explosion has taken place around 7.40 am at a location close to the 3rd mile post at Weliara, Okkampitiya. Over 67 casualties have been taken to the Monaragala hospital, the sources added. According to the Hospital sources more than 23 people have been killed in the incident. These figures can be increased, sources further added. Thirteen females and 10 males are among the deaths.

LTTE is a ruthless terrorist outfit notorious for crimes against women and children. In its pursuit for a mono ethnic separate homeland for Tamils, the outfit has killed and maimed over tens and thousands innocent children in ethnic cleansing raids, indiscriminate bomb attacks and by using child soldiers at the battle fronts. FBI in a recent report called LTTE the most dangerous terrorist outfit in the world.

3:27 PM

05 terrorists killed

Security forces advanced into LTTE positions ahead of Welioya FDLs today (January 15), killing five terrorists and wounding four others, Wanni defences sources said, citing intercepted LTTE communication.

Military sources said that, one soldier laid his life while two other soldiers received wounds and was admitted to the general hospital at Vavuniya.

According to ground troops, three LTTE terrorists were killed and four wounded in two separate clashes between military and LTTE, North of Janakapura. Meanwhile, troops advanced towards enemy positions North of Kiriibbanwewa and destroyed an LTTE bunker position, killing two around 12 noon, today.

10:25 AM

LTTE raising public funds in London

Calendars of the LTTE terrorist outfit were sold publicly by the LTTE activists in London, informed sources say. According to the sources, the calendars (A3 size cardboard) with the reddish sky background and a rising sun depicts the map of the mono ethnic 'Tamil Eelam', a Palmyra growth and a pinkish Gloriosa Lily (Botanical name - Liliaceae Glory lily) plant.

The writing on top states 'Thamil Thai Naalkaati' (Tamil mother Calendar) 2008. At the bottom it states: 'History of the Tamils, world history, and a calendar that reflects the religious and astrological matters relating to Tamils.'

The calendar (cardboard) also states publishers are: Publication Division, International Information Centre.The daily calendar sheets have come out with a coversheet. It states: Tamileelam national calendar, a primary calendar in Tamil.

The second page is editorial of the publishers. It starts by saying 'this calendar is a publication of motherland publications' and further states 'it includes our historical events'.

The third page states: 'this calendar is prepared specially for Britain' and has given the telephone number for Motherland Publishers as 00 33 134 69 96 86. In the fifth page the address of the Motherland Publishers is given: Thaimann Publications, 3 bis, Rue du Pont de Baillet, 95560 Montsoult, France. The contact email given is: thaimann@free.fr.

From the sixth page onwards the daily calendar sheets are produced. Each page consists of a section for history of the LTTE. This section is titles 'Pathivugal' (archives). When flicking through the pages, one could find pictures of dead cadres of the LTTE and descriptions of LTTE's terror activities with details.

The calendars were publicly sold on the New Years Day in front of Hindu temples in London. They were sold at œ5 to œ10 per calendar. The LTTE activists sold these calendars openly without any fear for the law that proscribed the LTTE in the UK.

8:26 AM

40 terrorists killed

Sri Lankan security forces further advanced into LTTE defences in multi fronts from Jaffna, Mannar, Vavuniya and Welioya killing a total of 40 terrorists, including 22 alone in clashes North West of Parappakandal, yesterday (January 14).

According to SLA Jaffna sources, at least 10 terrorists were killed and two LTTE bunkers destroyed in clashes escalated along the defences at Averikadu, Muhamalai and Nagarkovil in Jaffna. Six soldiers were also wounded in separate incidents at the Northern defences including four, due to an IED explosion at Muhamalai, sources said.

Meanwhile, troops removed 7 anti-personnel (AP) mines laid in general area Ponnar, Jaffna security sources said. During clearing operations conducted in general area Marakayarkulama, Vavuniya troops defused 10 AP mines, Wanni sources said.

Military sources in Vavuniya front said that, eight more terrorists were killed yesterday (14) in clashes erupted at defences of Periyapantdivirichchan, Vilathikulama, Kattikkulama, Palaikkulai and Kokkuthuduvai. SLA said that, three soldiers received injuries due to an AP mine explosion at Kurisuddakulama, and were rushed to the general hospital at Vavuniya.

Intercepted LTTE communication revealed that many terrorists were badly wounded in the fighting, though exact figures were not available.

Meanwhile, during a search operation conducted at general area Palaikkuli, troops recovered 23 AP mines, 05 'Arul' type mortar shells, 08 hand grenades, a hoard of Multi Purpose Machine Gun (MPMG) ammunitions and 550x T-56 assault riffle rounds. Separately, in a search operation at Palaikkuli, yesterday evening, troops recovered 18 more AP mines, security sources added.

According to military, two soldiers laid their lives in confrontations yesterday (14), while 24 others were wounded.

10:29 PM

LTTE heavy artillery gun damaged

Intercepted LTTE communication revealed that, an LTTE heavy artillery gun was damaged today (January 14), following an air raid carried out by SLAF jets, North of Parappakandal in Mannar, around 1.p.m.

According to reliable information, a 122mm artillery gun has been damaged in the aerial strike. Meanwhile, military sources citing intercepted enemy communication said that, an LTTE senior artillery coordinator identified as Mangalesh, is also believed to be among the terrorist casualties.

2:34 PM

LTTE intelligence hideout

SLAF fighter jets led pinpoint air strikes at an LTTE intelligence' hideout this morning (January 14), North of Puthukkudiyiruppu in general area Kombavil, Mullaittivu.

The air sorties were made following real-time ground information, confirmed a LTTE gathering at 10.45.a.m, SLAF sources said.

According to defence sources, military has observed intensified terrorist activities in the area, obtained through ground and air reconnaissance information. Defence sources, citing 'intel' reports state that, the destroyed facility was a hideout of high profile LTTE intelligence wing cadres.

4:35 PM

sniper weapon recovered in Vavuniya

Troops acting on reliable information this morning (January 13) at general area Sangaraapuram in Vavuniya, recovered a sniper weapon and accessories, security sources said.

The sniper gun, magazines and 9 sniper rounds were found dumped in an abandoned house around 9.a.m, sources said.Troops are conducting further search operations in the area.

9:33 AM

India arrests seven Tiger suspects

The 'Q' branch police in Tamil Nadu have arrested seven LTTE sympathisers, including Sri Lankan refugee Sivakrishnan alias Nanthan, 30, and K Murugapandi, 27, of Pothampuli near Kamudhi.

The 'Q' branch police team led by Madurai city Inspector R Venkateshan also seized 5,000 detonators meant for smuggling to Sri Lanka for the LTTE and the 'hawala' money of Rs 150,000 given to Murugapandi by the militant outfit to purchase detonators.Based on a tip-off, 'Q' branch officers monitored the movement of passengers in Madurai Railway junction on January 8. Around 1 p.m., the police arrested Sivakrishnan alias Nanthan of Vettuvangeni, Chennai and seized 5,000 detonators from him.

They also arrested S Muthuramalingam (30) of Potham puli, Kamudhi, who accompanied Sivakrishnan. During interrogation, Sivakrishnan, who had returned to Chennai from Sri Lanka, admitted to his involvement in the smuggling of 5,000 detonators on January 3 at the behest of Rogan of Mannar.He had come to Madurai to hand over another 5,000 detonators to Murugapandi through Muthuramalingam. Police rushed to Ramanathapuram and arrested K Murugapandi along with an autodriver R. Raja (31), boat driver Bhoo Murugan (21), Chandra (25) and Senthil Murugan (27) from Ponthampalli in the district.

Raja, Bhoo Murugan, Chandra and Senthil Murugan had assisted Murugapandi in transporting the detonators.During interrogation, Shiva Krishnan reportedly told police that he had already sent 50,000 detonators to Mannar in Sri Lanka through another person named Murugapandi (27), hailing from Ramanathapuram on January 3.All seven persons were remanded to judicial custody by a court yesterday.

The arrests followed the detention in Mangalore of three men who raised funds for the LTTE through fake credit cards.Meanwhile, Chennai Police have introduced a hotline (100) for reporting suspicious activities.If any resident suspects a neighbour of indulging in illegal activities, all he has to do is pick up the phone and call 100.

And the police will swoop down, they will check the neighbour's house, question him or her and then watch the house to ensure these so-called illegal activities don't continue."There has been an increase in naxal activities and LTTE cadres in the state. But the police should ask people renting out houses to inform them about who is living in that house and if possible give a copy of the lease agreement to the police.

That's all the public can be asked to do to co-operate," says a resident, S Ganesan.The Tamil Nadu Fisheries Department on Wednesday warned fishermen against crossing the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) following reports of battle between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan navy in mid-sea, officials said.

Fishermen who crossed the IMBL would be dealt with severely and their boats seized, Fisheries Commissioner Shambu Kaleluker said.The Coast Guard in Kollam refuted reports that unidentified ships were dumping arms along the Kerala Coast, adding that the west coast faced no "serious threat" from militant outfits including the LTTE.

"The country's western coast is not facing any serious threat from militant outfits, including the LTTE. Reports that unidentified vessels were making trips to the area to dump arms were not correct," said Coast Guard Western Regional Commandant A Rajasekhar.He was speaking to the media aboard the Coast Guard ship 'Savitribhai Bhule.'

Courtesy: Daily News

9:30 AM

Wanni Commanders Brief Visiting Army Chief

On the heels of continuing confrontations and the series of humiliating setbacks to the enemy, Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka, as was his previous practice at the height of eastern battles, paid one more visit to Wanni yesterday morning (10) with several senior officers from the Army Headquarters.

Commander, Security Forces Headquarters, Wanni (SF HQ-W) Major General Jagath Jayasuriya after receiving the Army Commander and other visiting military chiefs gave a detailed outline of the security developments unfolding in areas under his command. All respective commanders in Divisions, Brigades and Units joined him afterwards to brief the visiting Commander on the current situation.

Lieutenant General Fonseka evaluating latest developments in the area further discussed matters of concern to the soldiers and measures that should be adopted in fighting the enemy while keeping safety of the local population in mind.

Matters related to welfare of the soldiers deployed in the area were also taken up for speedy resolution. Commander of the Army and his retinue returned to Colombo the same evening.

10:37 AM

Continuous losses to LTTE; 14 terrorists killed

More than 14 LTTE terrorists were killed and 12 sustained injuries as the security forces advancing further in Mannar front to consolidate defences in recently liberated Parappkandal area yesterday, January 9, defence sources said.

Security forces confronted with a group of LTTE cadres at Parappakandala while the troops engaged in consolidating operations in recently liberated areas yesterday. An LTTE group comprising 30 - 40 terrorists was detected and has launched a massive assault at them causing heavy damages to the enemy around 1.50 p.m, ground sources said. More than 8 terrorists were killed while 12 received injuries due to the confrontation, ground sources further confirmed. Four army personnel also sustained injuries, defence sources added.

Meanwhile, 4 LTTE cadres were killed in a separate confrontation erupted in the Parappakandal area yesterday, January 9. According to the defence sources the confrontation occurred at 8.45 a.m. and a body of slain LTTE cadre along with the dog tag was found in a subsequent search.

Separately, Army snipers gunned down two LTTE cadres manned in the LTTE defences at Narikkulam in Mannar yesterday, defence sources in Wanni said.

1:35 PM

Senior LTTE leader Shankar gunned down by STF

Police Special Task Force (STF) personnel gunned down an area leader of LTTE terrorists at Saukade in Batticaloa this afternoon (January 9), defence sources said. Terrorist leader in charge of Batticaloa district, Shankar was killed in the shooting incident that occurred around 12.45.p.m, sources added.

The incident occurred when the police commandos acting on civilian information were engaged in a cordon and search operation in the area. The STF personnel have shot the terrorist leader when he had attempted to escape the cordon throwing a hand grenade. No STF casualties have been reported due to the explosion of the hand grenade.

STF has found one micro pistol with nine rounds and one hand grenade in the possession of the slain LTTE leader.

According to defence intelligence sources, Shankar was the person behind all the terrorist activities that were carried out by LTTE after the security forces liberated the Eastern Province.

8:33 PM

Blast near Lake house

An explosion has taken place next to the Regent flats, close to Lake House roundabout, short while ago. According to the news-lanka sources, the bomb has been exploded in a public phone booth this evening (January 08) at around 7.50.p.m.

One man sustained minor injuries in the blast that shook the area close to Lake House a short while ago. The explosive devise was said to have been placed in a Phone booth.

3:32 PM

Ten terrorists killed

At least ten terrorists were killed in clashes today (January 08) ahead of the Wanni defences, when troops forced into non-liberated territory at Mullikulama and Periyathampanae.The strikes were launched as effective response measures to LTTE elements, in keeping with the government's intention to salvage entrapped Tamil civilians from the grip of the terrorist outfit, Army said.

Meanwhile, Air force said, precision aerial raids were conducted at a pre-identified LTTE nerve center located North of Palampiddi, Mullikulama, this morning at 9.20.

Pilots confirmed that the LTTE base was destroyed following the attack. Terrorist casualty figures were not immediately available, sources further added.

12:55 PM

Minister D.M Dassanayake succumbs

Non-cabinet Nation Building Minister, D.M Dassanayake succumbed to injuries short while ago at the Ragama Teaching Hospital, hospital sources said.

Speaking to defence.lk, the Deputy Director of the Ragama Teaching Hospital said, the Minister sustained severe injuries due to the claymore explosion and he succumbed around 12.25 p.m while being treated at Intensive Care Unit at Ragama hospital.

10:02 AM

Claymore explosion

A claymore bomb has been triggered off targeting a VIP motorcade carrying a non-cabinet minister of Nation Building, D.M Dassanayake, at Ja-Ela around 10.35 this morning, January 08.

According to the available information the motorcade was plying towards Colombo along the Negombo - Colombo (A-3) main road when the explosion occurred near the Rukmani Devi junction, defence sources said.

4:05 PM

LTTE's 'military' intelligence head killed in ambush

Head of LTTE's 'military' intelligence wing Shanmuganathan Ravishankar, alias Charles was reported killed along with three other terrorists following an ambush by Sri Lanka elite forces, in the general area North of Mannar, last evening (January 05), said the defence sources.

Charles was known to be another self-styled colonel of the terrorist outfit and the deputy to Pottu Amman, the chief of LTTE's intelligence wing.

According to the sources, the army elites had ambushed a vehicle movement carrying Charles and his companions. A senior defence official told defence.lk that the attack was carried out with accurate ground information received from LTTE dominated Wanni region.
Charles the Man behind many massacres :

Shanmuganathan Ravishankar alias Charles was one of the most dangerous criminals who had planned most of the civilian massacres and terrorist attacks in the Island's south. The most heinous civilian massacre planned and executed by Charles was the bombing of Central Bank, Colombo in 1996. In this attack, 86 civilians were killed and over 1400 others suffered injuries.

According to defence intelligence sources, terror chief V. Prabhakaran had presented a "Pajero" jeep to Charles for his success in the Central Bank bomb attack . Charles was also known to have involved in terrorist attacks at Kolonnawa Fuel storage, Kelanithissa Power plant, JOC bomb in Colombo, and assassinations of key political figures and armed forces personnel in the country.

Further, it has been reported that Charles had been able to win the confidence of V. Prabhakaran due to his specialised knowledge in Colombo. According to intelligence reports , he was the principal handler of the terrorist network in Colombo and was the person who used to brief plans of terrorists' attacks in the South to the LTTE leader. Also, he was the person in charge of luring suitable security forces' members to act as moles for the terrorists outfit.

However, defence.lk through its sources from Wanni has learnt that there had been a long standing status conflict between Pottu Amman and Charles. Pottu Amman being senior to Charles in the outfit said to have become jealous of Charles for his ability to win confidence of the terrorist leader. Just before the 2002 ceasefire, Prabhakaran had to move Charles to Batticaloa due to the rising hostility between his two intelligence leaders. It was only in 2005; Prabhakan could bring Charles back to Wanni.

Wanni sources further say that the loss of Charles is a far greater loss to LTTE than it had suffered when it lost its political head S.P. Thamilchelvam in November last year.

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Secirity News

  • Two LTTE terrorists commit suicide in Jaffna

Two LTTE terrorists committed suicide when army was about to arrest them at Kottadi in Jaffna this forenoon (January 6). The incident occurred when the troops were engaged in a cordon and search operation in the area around 11.30.a.m.

According to the defence sources in Jaffna 2 terrorists who were hiding themselves inside a toilet pit have thrown a hand grenade at troops. When the troops attempted to reach the location the terrorist have committed suicide detonating a bomb, sources added.

  • Four terrorist and two soldiers killed in clashes

The Media Centre for National Security (MCNS) says that two LTTE bunkers were destroyed and four LTTE cadres were killed in clashes occurred between army and LTTE around 8.40 this morning (January 6) in the Muhamalai defence.Also two soldiers were killed in the same area in another confrontation took place around 6. 30.a.m sources added.

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10 terrorists killed-Mannar

Security forces consolidating defences in the recently liberated Parappakandal area, this morning (January 05) engaged in heavy counter attacks at an LTTE offensive ahead of the established Parappakandal defences.

According to latest reports, ten terrorists were killed during the confrontation, at around 9a.m. Meanwhile, security forces have recovered three LTTE bodies, 02x T-56 assault riffles and over 200 anti-personnel (AP) mines.LTTE offensive elements were driven further into non-liberated areas, following stiff resistance attacks by security forces. According to security forces, intercepted enemy communication has revealed that many terrorists were injured during the clashes.

Meantime, at least ten terrorists were killed during separate clashes erupted at general area Adampan, Mannar since today morning, security source said. Troops destroyed two LTTE bunkers killing eight terrorists during a pre-emptive strike ahead of the Adampan defences.

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Claymore/AP mines recovered in Thoppigala

Troops engaged in clearing operations in the general area of Meeyangolle in Thoppigala, today (January 05) recovered 20 claymore mines and 1057 AP mines, according to defence sources. The mines had apparently been buried and hidden inside barrels. Items recovered include shotgun cartridges (1112), anti-personnel (AP) mines (1057), AP mine fuses (805), claymore mines (08Kg x 01 and 05Kg x 19), detonator cord (12m x01), safety fuses (8m x 17) and M-16 ammunition (3380).


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CFA, SLMM cease to operate by Jan 16

President Mahinda Rajapaksa's government Thursday evening informed Norway of its decision to quit the CFA. Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama handed over the formal document to this effect to the Norwegian ambassador in Colombo Tore Hathrem. The government has now issued the mandatory 14 days notice, as per the agreement, that it was withdrawing from the pact signed in 2002. The Foreign Ministry has called a press conference for today (Friday) noon to spell out its position.

A senior Foreign Ministry official said that this notification was in terms of Article 4:4 of the agreement and would take effect 14 days from the date of this notice i.e. 16th January 2008.

Accordingly, the Status of Mission Agreement (SOMA) on the Establishment and the Management of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) dated 18th March 2002 between the Royal Norwegian Government and the Government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka would also stand terminated with effect from 16th January 2008, he said.

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  • 14 terrorists killed in yesterday's

Army troops continued to engage positions of LTTE terrorists in the Northern Province yesterday (January 2) killing over 14 terrorists, military reports indicate.

In the Jaffna theatre of battle, troops launched a pre-emptive strike at the LTTE bunker defence in the Kilaly around 10.40, last morning. Ground sources have confirmed that three terrorists' bunkers were destroyed and four terrorists were killed in the incident. Also, five soldiers were killed and six others suffered injuries as the terrorists too had retaliated using small arms and mortars. The injured were admitted to the military hospital, Palaly.

Separately, troops gunned down two more terrorists detected ahead of Nagarkovil and Ponnar defence lines on the same day. The first terrorist was gunned own at Ponnar in the Kilaly area around 7.45.a.m while the second was shot down at Nagarkovil around 5.15.p.m Besides , one soldier died due to an explosion of trapped mine in the Kilaly area around 8.40.a.m.In the Wanni theatre battle, troops continued to give heavy beating at the terrorists' location on Vavuniya and Mannar fronts during the daytime yesterday.

  • LTTE terrorists fire mortars at Tamil villages in Mannar

LTTE terrorists fired mortar shells at Mannakulam Tamil village in Uilankuam - Mannar around 11.45 this forenoon (January 3). According to the civilian sources in the area a seven year old girl and a 50 year old mother have suffered serious injuries due to the attack.

The injured have been admitted to the Government Hospital in Mannar.The victims have been identified as Nagendran Jenarthana (7) and Pilippupille Reginamma (50) of Manakulam.

  • Army overruns LTTE bunker defence at Pallaikuli, Mannar

ri Lanka army overran the bunker defence of LTTE terrorists, at Pallaikuli, North of Mannar after hours-long battle this morning (January 3). According to the defence sources in Wanni, troops destroyed six LTTE bunkers during the military offensive launched around 6.a.m.

Army Radio monitoring units have revealed that six LTTE cadres were killed and over 12 others suffered injuries in the incident. Also, one army soldier died and 6 sustained injuries in the same incident. The injured have been directed to immediate medical attention.

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Bomb explosion at Slave Island

A bomb explosion has taken place opposite the Nippon Hotel at the Slave Island at 9.30 this morning (January 02). According to the available information the target of the bomb has been an Army bus carrying soldiers. Four people have been killed and around 20 more have suffered injuries in the explosion.

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Alleged Tamil gunman arrested

An alleged Tamil gunman was arrested today morning(January 01) following the assassination of UNP Colombo district parliamentarian and his body guard, at the Kotahena Sivam Kovil, defence sources reveal.

The alleged gunman was wounded in return fire from a personal security officer of Mr. Maheswaran, Kotahena Police said. The suspect, identified as a resident at general area Gurunagar in Jaffna, is under close custody of Police and receiving treatment at the National hospital- Colombo, sources further added.


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LTTE looking at Tamil Nadu as a base

Indian politician J Jayalalithaa has alleged that an alarming situation was now developing as the banned LTTE was now looking at Tamil Nadu as a base and all political parties, except hers, was prepared to roll out a red carpet welcoming to the outfit

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T. Maheswaran shot dead

UNP parliamentarian T. Maheswaran was shot this morning (January 01) by an unknown gunman, news sources report. According to Colombo national hospital sources, Mr. Maheswaran has received serious gunshot injuries.

Speaking exclusively to defence.lk, Director of Nation Hospital - Colombo, Dr. Hector Weerasinghe said, the medical staff is at full thrust attending to save the parliamentarian. Nine other people also injured during the incident were admitted along with the Mr. Maheswaran, hospital sources reveal.

Latest information revealed that Mr. Maheswaran has succumbed to wounds while undergoing intensive medical treatment few minutes ago, at around 10.35a.m. Two other people have also succumbed to injuries, hospital sources said.

According to available information, an unknown gunman have shot Mr. Maheswaran inside the Kotehena Sivam Kovil, at around 9.30a.m.