12:41 PM

Wanni liberation in progress

Sri Lanka security forces continue to beat in terrorists' defences of Wanni causing heavy damages to LTTE. As per the latest reports from the battlefronts troops had dislodged 6 LTTE bunkers and killed over 28 terrorists in yesterday's (December 23) clashes.

In the Jaffna theatre of battle, troops deployed at Ponnar on the Kilaly front, attacked LTTE bunker line around 6.15 last evening. Ground troops have claimed that three terrorists were killed and two bunkers destroyed in the incident. No casualties reported to own troops.On the Muhamalai front, SL army soldiers manning the defence line opened fire at a group of LTTE terrorists stalking towards the own defence. Ground troops confirmed that one LTTE cadre was killed in the incident that took place around 11.45 a.m.

Earlier on the same day morning, army claimed that eight terrorists were killed and four LTTE bunkers destroyed when troops attacked LTTE bunker line at Nagarkovil.Meanwhile, Sri Lanka navy sailors uncovered four suicide belts and a military pack at 12.p.m. yesterday. The sailors acting on information provided by the civilians made this recovery at Velani, in the Kaytes Island.In the Wanni theatre of battle, troops moving ahead from the Vavuniya front attacked an LTTE stronghold in the Vilathikulama area around 9.40, last morning. Troops having located the terrorists' gun and radar positions called in artillery fire on the same. Also, the terrorists responded using heavy mortars. Army radio monitoring elements have revealed that three terrorist were killed and 10 others were injured in the incident. One soldier was also killed and nine sustained injuries in the same incident.

At Kuduruvitankulama, troops laid an ambush at terrorists' movement around 2.15, last afternoon. Monitored radio transmissions have revealed that two terrorist were killed and one injured in the incident. No casualties reported to own troops.At Kallikkulama, troops confronted with a group of LTTE cadres around 2 on the same day afternoon. Ground troops claimed that three terrorists were killed in the incident.Meanwhile, four soldiers suffered injuries due to anti personnel mine explosions occurred in Thampanai and Kuduruvitankulama area during yesterday's clearing operations. The injured were admitted to Anuradhapura hospital.

In the Mannar theatre of battle, troops confronted with LTTE terrorists at three separate incidents. Reports indicate that eight terrorists and one soldier were killed in the incidents that occurred in the Narikkulama, Palaikkuli, and Tettakkuli areas yesterday.

10:34 AM

Jathika Hela Urumaya organized series of religious

The Jathika Hela Urumaya organized series of religious observations in Anuradhapura to observe the fourth death anniversary of Ven. Gangodawila Soma thera. The JHU team is seen at the Abhayagiriya after donating a machine to carry bricks to the top of the stupa to help renovation work.

8:40 AM

Up-to-the-minute News

  • Kandy-Badulla road impassable

The Badulla - Kandy road made impassable due to a minor landslide causing heavy damages to the Malaoya Bridge. Road users are advised to take alternative routes via Hunnasgiriya and Walapane.

  • Floods in six districts

Torrential rain during the weekend has caused havoc in six districts - Amapara, Matale, Anurdhapura, Polonaruwa and Batticloa with over 6211 families displaced and some110 houses completely destroyed.

  • Looting during Dambulla floods

Two persons have been arrested by Dambulla Police for looting shops during floods. The floods caused extensive damage to the area and the hospital was shifted as a result.