6:15 AM

War to end terrorism must continue

Since Vinayagmoorthi Muralidaran (Karuna) and Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan had joined civil society as normal citizens through the UNP, there was no war situation in the Eastern Province, Galle District UNP member Vajira Abeywardena said yesterday (27).

Similarly, Prabhakaran too could be brought into normal civilian society. Neither of the two sides to the armed conflict in the North could win the war and it was necessary to start peace talks with Prabhakaran now, Abeywardena said.

Asked for his comment Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said it was necessary to continue the war against terrorism in the North. Even India wanted terrorism eradicated. There was no question of stopping the war against the LTTE.

India was only concerned about the welfare and problems of civilians of the North who were displaced or affected by the war especially with regard to food supplies. The government continued to send adequate food supplies to the north, he said.

The Defence Secretary also said that arrests of LTTE activists and supporters in Tamil Nadu were being conducted by the State government and surveillance in the seas between India and Sri Lanka government had been increased by the Indian authorities.

5:16 AM

Navy rescues six families escaping terror clutches in Wanni

Sri Lanka Navy has rescued 19 civilians including 3 children fleeing from LTTE tyranny in Wanni last morning (Oct 27). According to the Navy sources, Navy inshore patrol craft (IPCs), have rescued the civilians while they were battling against rough seas onboard a locally built fishing vessel (Vallam) in the South of Mandativu islet. There were 11 females and 8 males belonging to 6 families, the sources said.

The refugees have told the Navy personnel that they had got onboard the Vallam from Murukkandi in Poonaryn. They have further revealed that they had left their homes due to the inhumane harassments committed by the LTTE terrorists. According to the refugees , a large number of civilians in Wanni are desperately expecting that the security forces would soon liberate them from the terror clutches.

The Navy would provide food, medical facilities and other basic needs of the refugees until they are being handed over to the civilian welfare authorities, the sources added.

5:13 AM

India - U.S. alliance threaten South Asia?

Sri Lanka is on the verge of destroying the most ruthless terrorist organisation in the world. Even the most extreme elements in the South of Sri Lanka accept that upon completion of this task certain genuine grievances of the Tamil people and a certain degree of devolution envisaged in the current constitution should be implemented in the Northern Province as it is now being done successfully done in the Island’s East. India knows all this too well. Nevertheless New Delhi and explicitly its South Indian clique is again attempting to repeat their attempts of 1987 save LTTE which is on the verge of defeat.

Sri Lankans have a right to decide their own future free any more foreign interference. They have suffered enough for the past 25 years because of Indian meddling the island’s internal affairs. The time has some to say enough is enough categorically and firmly.

Much has been written about India’s gross interference in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs and violation of her sovereignty and territorial integrity in the recent past supposedly due to political pressure from Tamil-Nadu. However it is important for all Sri Lankans to comprehend and appreciate the behaviour of Indian politicians in a more holistic context, India has a very loose and fragile regional federal structure (unlike the strong federal systems of government in their new found western allies like USA).

Furthermore the fundamental psychology of India’s foreign service and intelligence services operating in the region must be clearly understood.

The contemporary developments in the region merit a complete re-evaluation of regional bilateral and multilateral policies that all SAARC countries follow vis-à-vis their giant superpower and neighbour India.

In Sri Lanka’s case, India’s strategic objectives has been satisfied with most Sri Lankan’s being absolutely ignorant and unaware of the real status quo – Sri Lanka’s Governments “flying to brief” New Delhi and Sri Lanka Government’s readiness to meet India’s wishes.

Even world powers with the exception of China of course, never dare interfere on India’s decisions on Sri Lanka. The trade between Sri Lanka & India places the latter at a greater advantage even where the Free Trade Agreements are concerned. Under the Free Trade Agreement between the two. (24-25 % of Sri Lanka’s imports come from India. And this excludes contraband like sarees, gold, drugs etc. If these added they would change the percentage significantly).

As a matter of fact some Sri Lankans naively talk about a nuclear free zone in the region. Hence the Tamil Nadu politicians singing their Katchatvu ‘song.’ If ever India goes to war with any of her enemies I hope Sri Lankans know that stray missiles will all rain on them. Therefore Sri Lanka should not get tied down to any agreement with India on Kachchativu at this juncture. There should be no repeat of what happened with Trincomalee under the Indo-Lanka Accord. Perhaps Sri Lanka having listening post on Katchativu with China’s collaboration might not at all be bad idea considering India current interference in Sri Lankan affairs.

If India is not interested in creating a separate state in Sri Lanka, then Sri Lanka needs a categorical assurance that it will not use thae LTTE as a destabilisation force in the country.

If India takes the position that her neighbours take "Belligerent anti-Indian positions" in their dealing with her due to "bellicose patriotism" peace and prosperity would no doubt would be the furthest thing for all the people of South Asia. India needs to lead the way in cultivating TRUST, understanding, benevolence, harmony and peaceful coexistence with all its neighbours. It must display its maturity as a world power in dealing with all its smaller neighbours